Lift slow? Better butt? Shoulder hurts?

 Lift slow? Better butt? Shoulder hurts?

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Q- Is it better to lift slowly? Fast?

There can be advantages to both, but most people use these methods wrong. Most have no reason to focus on lifting super slow or super fast. A normal pace works best. 99% of the people I work with just want to get in shape and get on with their lives. They don’t need to make this complicated. 

I prefer going slower on the lowering (eccentric) phase and then a normal or faster pace on the lifting (concentric) portion. Think of a dumbbell bench press. You would take your time on the lowering phase, and then lift at a normal or faster rate on the way up. If you have the correct challenging weight, it will not look fast on the way up. But you are attempting to go fast enough to avoid that sticking point. 

If your goal is strictly muscle building, then a slower pace tends to work better. 

If you are starting out with a new lift, slower is usually better. 

If your goals are related to strength and power, then faster is better. 

BUT 99.9% of you reading this just need to worry about lifting at a normal pace with good technique. 

Q- What are the best exercises for a better butt?

A- Glutes are important for so many reasons! 

The biggest mistake people make is ONLY doing high rep , no resistance, “burn” exercises. I am not saying these exercises don’t work. But your focus should be on squats, deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts(RDLs), bridges, hip thrust variations, and lunges. And there are a million variations of these exercises to fit your current fitness level. Remember to  get deep on those squats in order to actually work the butt! 

Q- Shoulder hurts! What exercises can I still do?

A- This is a hard question to answer without getting you in for a consultation. But here are a few tips and exercises that usually work..

Overhead pressing is usually hard for most people with shoulder issues. We like to use the landmine trainer to get the shoulders stronger while reducing pain. The angle helps a lot. 

Massage and soft tissue work for the upper body will go a long way to improving range of motion, flexibility and mobility. Reducing pain and increasing the amount of exercises you can do safely 

Most people ignore upper body flexibility. You must do this. If you need ideas for effective upper body flexibility and mobility exercises, reach out. 

Upper back and posture work is important to prevent shoulder issues! A lot of people will do a ton of push-ups and bench presses and then ignore their upper back. This creates muscle imbalances. 

If pressing exercises cause pain obviously stay away from it. Add some extra mobility and upper back work. Have a personal trainer review your technique! 

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