For the past three years, Gary has been commuting to Results Performance Training from New Kent. While this might be shocking to some, it’s no surprise for anyone who knows Gary’s level of commitment to himself and his health. It all started back in 2013 when he had a goal of fighting Forestry fire out west. He knew that to do that, he would need to get into better shape than he was in at the time. He joined our group personal training program and hasn’t looked back ever since, even as he switched between careers, moved, and found his schedule constantly changing.

Changing Careers, Changing His Life

When he changed careers at the age of 48, he was able to do Firefighting and EMS work full time. He found himself ready for a lifestyle change, not just a diet and exercise program. This is what makes Results Performance Training different. We don’t promote quick fixes. We promote lasting results that happen overtime. Slow and steady always wins the race!

Sticking with RPT
“Even though I moved to New Kent three years ago, I feel it’s well worth the drive to come to RPT. It feels like the place to be to get and stay in shape and to continue to evolve my goals and health in a positive direction.” – Gary

As Gary switched careers and relocated, he was able to utilize our flexible scheduling. While not having to commit to a contract, he was able to work with us to make sure that his training worked for his schedule and life. With our group personal training program in conjunction with his new nutrition plan, he found himself down 40 pounds in 8 months. With the hope of reaching his ultimate weight goal in the next few months, he’s getting one step closer every day. Aside from just pounds shed, he’s seen inches melt off his waist and huge changes happening mentally and emotionally as well.

“I feel great…better than I have in many years. I take zero medications and the additional mental clarity is a bonus as well. I don’t think I could have or would have done this transformation if I had never come to RPT.” – Gary

More Than Just Physical

Changing your lifestyle and your health showcases itself in more ways than just physically. For Gary, he saw an improvement in many areas of his life. Recently, he took a stress test only to find that his numbers were that of someone 10-15 years his junior. He has also reversed his risk factors for diabetes and is on track to continue making amazing changes. We’re proud to know him and to share the story of all the changes he’s made inside our space and out!

“I was told by my doctor to not to change anything in my regimen. I most certainly won’t change Boot Camp at RPT! Stand by for round #3! Detric, thanks again for all your help!” – Gary