Michele’s Story


The First Week: Michele Arthur

For Michele, coming into RPT for her first week came just at the right time. She had taken off some time from working out and was seeking something different from the solo cardio and gym sessions that bored her and were hard to maintain. Having never done a group class before, she didn’t know what to think. There were some thoughts of self-consciousness and she didn’t know exactly what to expect, but she knew now was the time to start. After reading Detric’s book, she felt inspired and like RPT was exactly what she had been looking for.

It All Started on a Monday

Michele started with RPT on a Monday in a larger one of our group classes. Despite the potential of getting lost in the crowd, she quickly found that the two trainers in her session were able to help guide her along the way. She was also joined by other newer clients which helped her feel right at home. “I was checked on frequently in terms of my physical form whilst doing an exercise, as well as given some alternative exercises that could better suit my having had three knee surgeries,” Michele shared. Michele came to another class on Thursday and the following Monday.

Working with Injuries

At RPT, we make sure we are creating an environment where each client feels safe and comfortable with any injuries they have. Our trainers know when to push clients out of their comfort zones and when to give them alternative exercises to make sure that they do not further injure themselves. As Michele stated above, her past surgeries did not hinder what our trainers were able to do for her. “I was given alternative exercises if I was having trouble with an exercise due to knee issues,” Michele said. She found the trainers to be knowledgeable and helpful as they gave her one-on-one help when it was needed.

Inclusion at RPT

One thing Michele touched on when talking about her experience was the inclusion she felt in the class. She loved that the members of RPT are representative of all ages and levels and didn’t feel judged or embarrassed. “I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse the group class was,” Michele said. We pride ourselves on creating environments where people from all walks of life and at all levels in their fitness routines can feel confident about where they are at in their journeys as soon as they walk through our door.

After the Sessions

While Michele was sore after her sessions, it was a pleasant kind of sore and not a debilitating one. While she did feel some residual soreness the first week, the trainers helped her work through it. By the end of her third week, Michele had gotten over the residual soreness from the previous workouts and found that being sore after the workouts was actually a good thing. “I’m feeling muscles I haven’t felt in a long time,” Michelle said.

The Community

Our group classes are known for the community they provide. “We had a good group session with lots of laughter and I left feeling like I had made a connection with a couple of the other clients,” Michele shared. While your workouts are done at your own pace and on your own level, being surrounded by others on their fitness journeys is encouraging for participants old and new. “Throughout the three workouts I attended, I saw some familiar faces from previous workouts,” Michele said. “I was seeing the sense of community that was talked about in the videos on the website. I can see the support system is alive and well.”

Final Thoughts

After her first week, Michele was excited about all of the aspects of RPT. “I’m really enjoying the training sessions, they now fly by!,” Michelle said. “The sessions are diverse in terms of exercises, the music is great, and the people are fun. I can see why people would really love to come work out at RPT. I’m looking forward to getting stronger, fitter, and healthier…and building some friendships along the way.”

We can’t wait to see all that Michele is able to accomplish with us!

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