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☑️Mindset matters!

When we think about working out, we usually focus on our body. In reality, results really start with the mind. The way you think about and mentally approach exercise can make a big impact in staying focused and consistent, especially when it’s tempting to fall off the wagon!


Shift your mindset to build sustainable fitness habits that can withstand the test of time! Try out these mental fitness tips:


Keep it positive. Studies show a positive mindset is associated with better health, and luckily, mindset isn’t something we’re just born with. Even if you’re a pessimist, you can actually develop a positive mindset with practice. Getting too down on yourself is a major drain, and can tempt you to mentally check out and reach for unhealthy habits.


Sounds cheesy, but a little love and appreciation goes a long way! We all have reasons to get frustrated with our bodies, but don’t forget that they’re also incredible machines! Spend a few minutes expressing gratitude to your body for carrying you through life.


Discipline is the truest form of motivation. Consistent motivation doesn’t always come from a magical, exciting spark of inspiration firing you up to work out. Those sparks are actually pretty rare!


There will come a time when you’ll be tempted to just skip the workout. Pushing through that resistance is when a truly solid habit is forged. Stick to your plan, even when you’re feel like blowing it off. I guarantee you’ll feel amazing afterwards.


Patience is a virtue. Are you in a hurry to see results ASAP and getting frustrated when you can’t see a difference yet? Remember, posed fitness models and social media before-and-afters aren’t realistic. It takes time to develop measurable results.


Trust that if you’re putting in the work, the change will come. You’ll probably feel it before you see it, and feeling great is one of the best parts of getting fit. It’s a lifelong journey, so enjoy the process!


Stay in touch with your “why”. When you feel like blowing off a workout, remember all the reasons you committed to a fitness program in the first place. Some items on that list might include more energy, better sleep, better mood, reduced pain, feeling stronger… What’s more important, hanging out on the couch tonight, or improving your quality of life long term?


Write your goals and whys down and read over them periodically to keep the end game fresh in your mind. If you’re struggling to stick to your plan, take a moment to check in with your goals and remember that every effort makes a difference.




☑️Featured In Muscle and Health – Strong shoulders! 


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