Moved in! Strength problems? Foundations program!

☑️Moved in! 

☑️ Strength Foundations Program?!

☑️ Can you help by leaving a google review?

☑️ Special offers

☑️ Moved in! 

We have moved in!! It was a GREAT week! Loved seeing all of you work hard in our new studio! Loved seeing those smiles! Appreciate all of you and your support! 

Stay tuned for Grand opening activities! 

☑️ Strength Foundations Program 

We will remove the confusion around strength training and create an effective time efficient program for your body type. With only 1-3 sessions.

We all know strength training is the fountain of youth! It helps with EVERYTHING!  Just doing cardio is not enough.  You need a well balanced routine that also improves mobility, balance, flexibility, everything. 

If you are new to strength training it can be overwhelming. It does not have to be this way. 

Google will lead you in 50 million directions, with all of them trying to sell you something. Some of the common problems we see with these programs –

Hard to execute for busy people – You do not need to spend hours in the gym each week to get strong. You don’t have to follow the program of a bodybuilder or powerlifter to see the benefits of strength training. 

We teach you the foundational movements that are functional and carry over to your everyday life. You don’t need fancy equipment. In fact, one foundational exercise can replace 2-3 machines if done correctly. 

Lack modifications for injuries

I see too many people with injuries caused by following random programs. A solid strength program will prevent injuries. 

We always start with a consultation and assessment to find the best exercises for your body type. We are all different. We have so many modifications ready to keep you moving. 

Don’t take into consideration your current fitness level

Following a random program from a fitness model or athlete never works out. You must learn the fundamentals and have a progression plan in place. 

I saw a few problems that I wanted to solve with this new program – 

Make strength training simple

Be available for anyone, regardless of schedule or cost 

Get results, even if you are not a member. No contracts

Works for those who don’t have equipment

Customized based on your current fitness level, time, injuries, everything

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, hit reply or text 757 589 7028 with FREE CONSULT so we can send over more info. about this program. Follow this newsletter over the next few weeks for more info.

☑️Can you help by leaving a google review?

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☑️ Special offers

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