Not Strong? Here's Why! + Beatdown workouts?!

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☑️ Not Strong?! Here’s Why!

☑️The problem with Beatdown Workouts? 

☑️ Can you help? – Google Review 

☑️What is Semi private Training ?

☑️ Baby Boomer Fitness? Youth Fitness?




☑️Not Strong?! Here’s Why!

 It’s safe to say that every single person on earth needs to follow a strength training plan!  Strength training will allow you to remain independent throughout life, look better, feel better, and improve your confidence. There are about 49 million reasons to follow a strength training program. 


It’s frustrating to see people putting in the work, yet not getting results. A few things that might be holding you back…


You choose the wrong exercises- Some people stick to their machines and isolation exercises, and this is holding them back! 

You need to spend the majority of your time on the big basics that work out a lot of muscles at once. Think Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Rows, and Presses. We find variations of these movements that work for YOUR body. We place them within a plan that works for you! 


You have no progression plan in place! 

Most people are winging it when they walk in the gym. This will never work! You need a plan! 


You see the people who lift the same weights every single time. Or the people who add weight before perfecting technique! Hire an expert to speed up your progress! 


You think too much!!

Yes, you need to think about technique and have a plan. But I see so many people overthinking! This will slow down your progress. Sometimes you just need to get in the gym and get after it! Push yourself and get stronger on the basics over time! 


You never recover from your sessions-

You will not be getting stronger if you are constantly dieting on low calories, eating horrible foods, or not getting sleep.

You need a plan for recovery! For those who love to workout often, you need to mix high intensity days with low intensity days! 


Mindset – 

Too many people make excuses. Feeling sorry for yourself, saying you are too old, or the other 90 million excuses are not helping you! 

You are what you believe. So start believing in yourself! Hanging around positive people will make this a lot easier! 


☑️The problem with Beatdown Workouts? 


It was an honor to write this article for STACK! 


You have to work hard AND Smart! The trend of beatdown workouts and other extremes is causing injuries, which destroys your chance of being consistent. In this article I touch on the dangers of beatdown workouts and how to find the intensity sweet spot.  

The Problem with Beatdown workouts? 


☑️ Can you help? – Google Review 


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☑️What is Semi private Training ?


Semi-Private is Personal Training in a small group of 2-5 people. It is the perfect fit for those who …

Want personal training , but want to save some money

Enjoy groups, but not a fan of large groups

Need more personal attention to reach your goals 

Like the feel of Traditional Strength Training, not just Circuits

Not a fan of Contracts


We find the right group for you based on your schedule, budget, goals, and preferences of who you want to work with . Or you can start your own group with a partner or 2. We have a lot of times to choose from between 5AM and 730PM. Send us an email to learn more.


Of course we still have our 1 on 1 training and Group Fitness services! 


☑️ Baby Boomer? Fat Loss? Youth Fitness? 


Tell us your goals or set up a no charge consultation! Our 

Groups are for any fitness level. We even have semi- private and personal training services with themes, if you feel more comfortable working with people chasing a very specific goal. 


Email us at [email protected] or text 757 589 7028 for more information! 

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