Getting started, or starting back up, is not that complicated. It might be hard, but it’s not that complicated. A few random thoughts about starting a fitness program…..

Get started before you are ready! – In your head, you will never be ready. There will always be some excuse as to why now is not the best time. It is a learning process. Get some experience and learn. Even If you make mistakes, you are still doing better than the person sitting on the couch.

Invest in an expert, to save time and money. – How many times have you tried to figure it out yourself? Most people need the guidance and accountability. Do your research. There are a lot of overnight certified trainers who lack experience. You might be able to get away with this if you are in shape, only need a push.

Are you working around an injury?  Want to make faster progress? If so, invest in an expert! Throwing money at a gym that will not provide guidance is a waste. Most people need more than access to equipment.

Go slower than you think- You see all of these go hard or go home memes on the internet. Do you want to be the person who goes hard , and then goes home injured every week? If so, then go follow these fake experts and gyms that promote beat down sessions. You need to work hard. But you need to WORK SMART! With a plan!  A progression plan. Have not worked out in 10 years? Probably not a good idea to be jumping up and down on boxes in the middle of speed/agility day. Build a strong foundation, so you never have to go backwards.

Give yourself credit for taking action towards your fitness goals– Most people are doing nothing, just making excuses. One day is better than nothing, 2 days better than one, 3 better than 2……just do what you can do! Get some momentum!! Life is not easy. Sometimes you will have to do what you can, to not go backwards!

Take advantage of the free consultation, free trial week, and do your research! – If you are someone who needs guidance and accountability, research your facility/gym. I started RPT to be the opposite of big box gyms, chain gyms. Most of them lock you into a long contract, don’t provide guidance. They will not even check on you when you miss. Or charge you an arm and a leg on top of your membership, if you attempt to ask for help. We have so many no contract and session to session options for a reason. We take the time to understand everything about you. We help you make a lifestyle change! We invest in building the relationship, building trust.

Diet and Nutrition – Be willing to turn in a food log if you want to find YOUR starting point with nutrition.

Don’t worry, I am not judging you! I can hear you now! “Just tell me what to eat!”

If I give you a plan, without considering what you currently eat, it will fail. You will not be able to follow it. Adherence is everything! There is no one perfect plan! A plan has to have progressions in place! Doing WHOLE 30 in January, just to eat terrible for the other 11 months, will not cut it. Progress, not perfection, equals better results over time.

It does not have to be the first Monday of January! – I just have to say this. I meet so many people that say forget the rest of the week, after missing a Monday! I see so many people waiting for the perfect time. There is no perfect time, which means the perfect time is always now!

Do what you can, with what you have. Stop waiting for perfect! – We all have to start somewhere! We will help you with plenty of modifications based on your previous exercise history. We are hands down the best when it comes to working with injuries or those new to exercise. It’s not even close.

The popularity of group classes that promote a beat down, with overly intense workouts, has made it even harder for some people to start. Or stay on a plan. It intimidates those new to exercise. Those who are experienced get attached to their “best performance.” It becomes a race with more, more, more, harder, harder, harder.  You will not win it, over time. Plan out highs and lows, or your lows will be very low! Have an expert do it for you!

The 12/10 workout is the reason these people end up injured every other week. 52 weeks of consistent 7-9 out of 10 (level of difficulty), beats your 12 out of 10 workout. Trainers who “plan” these 12 out of 10(level of difficulty) workouts are not concerned with their members. Or they don’t know better. I have been training people since 2001. Been training longer than that. I have made every mistake in the book. I learned from it. Will you?  I have seen how this plays out over time. Over and over again. Work hard. Work smart. One person’s warm-up is the next person’s workout. Work with an expert who understands this!

It is never too late to get started! – I don’t care how old you are. I don’t care how much experience you have. Getting started today is easier than waiting for tomorrow. You can do it! Ask for help!

I am slowing the other people in the group down! – I hear this a lot. Our groups offer a lot of support!  So many levels in our groups. So many different services. If you are new to exercise, you will do just fine.  Trust me; everyone is just focused on making it through the session. They offer support, but they are not judging you.  It is not a requirement to dance like Prince, before starting our groups. You do not have to be physically gifted, like the 49ers’ starting QB, to train with our groups. All fitness levels accepted.

Just show up! – Seriously, most people, who are doing nothing, would make amazing progress if their only goal was to show up.

Track results, but do not obsess over the scale!! So many ways to make progress, and track it. The scale is the worst way! It will drive you insane. We have seen people look completely different at the same weight! Do you want more energy? Do you want to be able to do activities with your kids? Grandkids? Those things count more than a number on the scale! If you want to track results take advantage of our free body composition testing! We don’t pressure you to do this.

Set realistic goals- Set long term goals,  and short term goals. But live in the moment! What do I have to do today, this hour, to be on pace to reach my goal? Ask yourself this question early and often!

Find a friend and accountability buddy!- It helps! We have bring a friend week next week! Current members, who want half off your next month, forward this email to friends!! If they do the free trial, and then sign up, you save!!

When hiring a professional, research their training philosophy! Don’t make an emotional decision. Grab a copy of my FREE BOOK before even stepping foot in our studio= >

Looking to get started? Or start back up? – Hit reply or call/text 757 589 7028 to take advantage of a free trial week! Set up a 5 minute call to learn all the details, or use a free one on one consultation before making a decision.  There are plenty of gyms saying hey pay me, and then offering no support. A Coaching program is different. More than a gym.

Set up a quick phone call so I can be up front the with the cost and details of the program. I need to know about you, before I can help you find the right service.


Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C, Precision Nutrition Level 1