I am not a  fan of programs that don’t look at the big picture when it comes to getting results. There has been an influx of programs who are selling you what you want. They fail to give you what you need in order to get what you want. They realize that you don’t REALLY understand what it takes. They have mastered hitting the emotional sales button to get you to take action but fail to deliver results.  Long term results.  A major problem with some of these programs is they work, short term. You get results for a short period and then feel like a failure because you could not follow the program long term.
So you want to have “toned” arms and reduce stomach fat? Yes, this is very possible and we do this for our members. We are also up front and to say spot reduction does not exist. We focus on overall fat loss(IF THAT IS THEIR GOAL, FOR A LOT IT’S NOT!). The big picture involves even more than diet and exercise, but overall lifestyle. With our consultation we might even suggest some techniques to manage stress/cortisol if you want to reduce stomach fat. Studies have shown a huge link to stress/cortisol levels and fat storage patterns.

Want to have “toned” arms? I am using that word because you “understand” what it means. In reality “toning” is a myth. Sales people in fitness have to use words like “toned” to sell to the masses. They realize saying build muscle and lose fat (what toning actually is!!) scares off most women. They know women have a fear of looking like the incredible hulk if they lift anything over 10lbs or do reps under 20 reps! If Kate Upton can deadlift over 200lbs and not look bulky what makes you think you will? Because you saw one woman (who WAS taking drugs) look bulky who lifts heavy weights?  A  good article below if you want to learn more..

Toning myth=> https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/the-myth-of-toning.html

Want to know what works best for abs and arms? Losing fat so you can see muscle definition! You want better triceps? Focus on the push exercises(push-up variations, over head press, bench press variations) You want better abs? Did you know your “core” is involved in every single exercise you do? If you are doing the correct exercises that is! And please do them correct or else your low back is going to get messed up!! Your “core” is not even just your abs! You can’t just look at once piece of the puzzle!!

Please don’t get me started on these programs that have a day for each body part!.00000000049 of the population needs a body part split. We call them pro bodybuilders that have the luxury of working out 4 hours per day. But a ton of them are on drugs and can do this stuff, or anything, and get results. If the average person at these places makes it 2 or 3 days  they are always going in and just working abs, arms, and conditioning. That. Will. Not. work! It won’t even work as well for your abs, arms, and conditioning!! But it sells because there are so many that are so locked in on I just want abs and arms!! We focus on full body workouts. There might be an emphasis on movements and body parts by day,  but the entire body is worked!  Every study shows that full body workouts work better than body part splits for fat loss!

It’s more than how or what you feel! Go answer 90 million emails and sit through 95 meetings at work tomorrow and you will FEEL like you accomplished something right?Sadly, a lot of places can only sell a beat down session that DOES NOT lead to results! Just because you can feel your biceps or triceps more on certain exercises does not mean it’s always the best exercise for them! In some cases it is, but not always.  Just because you feel tired and sore after a workout does not mean that workout is best, or even fits in with a  long term training cycle. If you have a workout that is a 12 (on a scale of 1 to 10) and it causes the other workouts that week to be a 2 (never recovered or got injured!) that is not good! The person who has consistent 7 to 9s will always beat you, over time!!

Injury prevention-Your body is one piece!! If you don’t believe this see what happens if you lose the ability to move at the ankle. Your knee will get messed up at some point. If you have terrible hip mobility then you will have back issues! Sit at a computer all day with terrible posture and yes you will have tight hip flexors and  bad posture/shoulders!

You can not address improving balance without getting stronger. You can not address getting stronger while ignoring mobility to do the exercise with better technique! You can not address mobility and flexibility without addressing soft tissues quality! This is why we cover all of these areas with our sessions!!

We often take information from people when the info. does not apply to your situation at all! I can’t stand  trainers who take the way they train and apply it to everyone. What a joke! I see these trainers who compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting and have their client (who has not worked out in a decade) do the same routine!  We train everyone with a different routine, even in the group setting!! We modify Everything based on your previous exercise history and injury history. I laugh and cry when someone views one session and thinks we train everyone that way. No, I am not going to have you doing a box jump, getting up and down 2 million times, or doing 90 million lunges.  We take the time to understand YOU before prescribing an exercise routine! There is a reason we have 3 different programs=> Transformation, Active Aging, and Sports Performance !!!!

Success never happens in isolation, which is why we provide coaching(24/7 access) and accountability with common sense principles. Principles that have been proven to work! If you are JUST looking for gym access or a “group class” we are not a good fit for you. If you are looking for a lifestyle transformation center whose foundation is built around coaching, accountability, and education then you will not find a better fit than us! If you don’t see the value in having  coaches in your corner busting their glutes while offering food log reviews, assessments, checking on you when you miss, education, home workouts,  one on one consultations to discuss modifications for injury, and doing whatever it takes to get you results (all included in membership) then we are not a good fit for you. The problem is 95% of gyms work for 5% who will get results no matter where they go. We get results for the 95% of people who fear walking into a big box gym and/or need more attention….We are for PEOPLE WHO NEED THEIR LIVES CHANGED.

I know it seems very complicated. It  is not. The things in life I am not good at are things I made complicated. When I have coaches break it down  I realize my brain made it complicated.  I was looking to justify failing instead of focusing my energy on positive thinking,  hard work, and taking daily actions towards my goal. Coaches are able to take your big picture goal and break it down into what has to happen now!  The time, energy, and money you are wasting to do it yourself (or not do anything) can be invested into getting Results that will carry over to every other aspect of your life!!! Invest in yourself!!

Instead of focusing on why it won’t work try believing in yourself for a change and make it happen! Life is too short to sit on the fence and make excuses. when you are ready…….

A 5 minute call to get an overview of our 3 services and levels, prices, and ask any  questions. You can also use this to schedule your FREE SUCCESS SESSION at the studio. 757 589 7028 is a number you can text/call to talk over things. 

FREE SUCCESS SESSION– Use this one on one 30 minute consultation to learn more and see the studio. We are not going to put you in position to fail or feel uncomfortable. If you have concerns over previous injuries, lack of exercise history, or being placed in a group where everyone is “advanced” then I address this. 

TRIAL OFFERS- We then set you up with a TRIAL OFFER  that is not associated with a contract to try it out first.  The difference between a coaching program and a gym is that we give each member WAY MORE ATTENTION when it comes to reaching YOUR GOALS. We hold you accountable. 

If you are someone that needs more attention than a typical gym can provide send us an email or text/call 757 589 7028 to get started! 

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

P.S- If you are interested in training with us HIT REPLY  and ask about our summer specials! We realize you have a lot of vacations. We are willing to work with you so you are not spending money on sessions you are not using. Hopefully you realize the time to take action is now!!