Q & A: How to Solve Low Back Pain & How To Safely Lose Weight By Improving Your Metabolism


Welcome to another edition of Q & A. This week I will be addressing how to help limit back pain (especially nagging low back pain) and I will delve into how you can slowly and effectively cut weight using your basal metabolic rate. 


Let’s get into it. 


How to Solve Low Back Pain

By a show of hands – how many of you have had low back pain… Probably most of you reading this. Chances are (unfortunately) you’re reading this while you’re slouched over on the computer, or kicking back on the soft couch. 


In this Q & A, I will specifically discuss how to solve low back pain through stretches and strengthening. 


Q: How do I get rid of low back pain? 


A: From an anatomical standpoint most low back pain results in a tightening of the hip flexors (front of your thigh) and a weakening of the lateral glutes and low back. This usually occurs in modern life due to a sedentary lifestyle – sitting for too long, not training postural exercises enough etc. 


Getting rid of low back pain will require you to stretch the hip flexors, mobilize the low spine and strengthen the postural muscles. 


Here are three great exercises to help you ease the pain away in the low back. 


  1. Sitting Figure 4 Stretch


This exercise is great for releasing the glutes and quadratus lumborum. 


  1. Standing Hip Flexor Stretch


If you have balance issues you can use a wall or staircase to support you! 


  1. Bird Dog

Super underrated exercise for basic strength and balance across the posterior chain. If you’re new to this exercise don’t worry about reps and focus on holding for 10-20 seconds.  


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How to Lose Weight By Improving Metabolism

No matter your goal – weight loss, strength gains or general improvements in health, optimizing your metabolism is essential. 


Your metabolism is the system that determines how many calories are used in a day. Think of it like the RPM on a car. The higher the RPM the more fuel (or calories) you will burn


Let’s break this down. 


Q: How do I Lose weight by boosting metabolism?


A: Increasing your metabolism comes down to the food you are eating, the exercise you do each day, and the routine you have. 


If you are eating foods that are difficult to digest – like processed grains, high fructose foods (soda) then you will slow your metabolism. 


If you rarely exercise and are generally sitting for most of the day your metabolism will also run slow. 


Increasing your metabolism can be done with three simple steps. 


Step 1: Eat Whole Foods

Foods high in fiber like legumes, fruit, vegetables and lean protein sources are much easier to digest and can actually increase your metabolism. 


Step 2: Exercise Daily

You don’t have to do high-intensity exercise every day. Exercise could be as simple as going for a walk, bike,  or swim. Maybe you take your dog for a walk in the park and do some basic bodyweight exercises. Either way – getting moving in a unique way every day will help to improve your metabolism. 


Step 3: Increase NEAT

NEAT or non-exercise activity thermogenesis is a fancy term for how many calories you burn each day without standard exercise. Things like taking the stairs at work, parking your car further away in the shopping complex, riding a stationary bike while watching a movie – these all add up to an extra 300-500 calories of burned energy every day. 


Closing Statement

Remember – weight loss takes time and consistency


Make your diet realistic. Allow for some flexibility in your diet and be sure to get moving throughout the day. If you find yourself sitting for a long time – stand up, take a stretch, do some pushups and get back to work.


Strength training can be complicated – but we’ve made it easy. To set yourself up with a complete strength program click here. Weight loss and vitality are in your hands. 


We love the questions and we enjoy trying to help with our answers. If you have a question leave a comment below and I will do my best to address it in our next series.