Q & A With Detric Smith: Best Tips for Fitness on a Busy Schedule & How to Ease into an Exercise Program


Getting started down the path to health, fitness and vitality is one of the most challenging paths you will run into. 


Challenging – but NOT impossible. 


Unfortunately, about 70% of people that start a new exercise routine quit before finishing their first month. Why is this?


To help everyone make the most of their new lifestyle, integrate fitness into their lives and improve their health we’ve answered two popular questions about fitness and exercise programs. 


Q: What Are The Best Tips for Working Out On a Busy Schedule?

A: We find that most people make the mistake of not setting their priorities. Let’s be honest – exercise should be a part of your daily life, but for some it is supplemental. 


In order to make the most of your workout routine on a busy schedule it is important to consider these important tips:


1. Schedule Training

You cant *wing it* – this is never a good idea. Your workout program needs to have set times in your day when and how you will train. 


2. Commit to Short-Term Goals

You have business goals and financial goals – why not goals in your workout program?


3. Train On Your Schedule with Accountability  

Here at RPT, we are flexible in our approach to when and how clients train. We understand that some people find greater success by training early in the morning – and we help them stay accountable for that. 


Do your best to make your workout routine a part of your schedule and prioritize your training. 


Set goals and follow through with them. 


If you’re having problems committing to goals or setting up your new workout program contact our training team using this link. We’ll set up a FREE success session and break down your training barriers. 


Q: How Can I Ease Into an Exercise Program?

A: Jumping into an exercise can be an exciting time. Change always feels awesome in the first couple of days – until the soreness hits you, life gets busy and you feel like quitting. 


Easing into an exercise program ensures that you can make realistic training plans, realistic goals and set yourself up for success in the long haul. 


Remember – your fitness journey is a long-term lifestyle pursuit. There is no set start and finish – but rather the focus should be on creating new lifestyle habits. 


Easing into your program ensures that you can make sustainable changes in your fitness and body composition without entering injury territory. 


Check out these top tips for easing into an exercise program: 


1. Plan Your Workouts

No one can train hard every day. Periodization, or planning your workout, is a method of training that helps you set your programs up to be harder on some days – and easier on others. 


Contact our training team here to get set up on a planned program. 


2. ALWAYS Warm-Up and Cool-down

The value of a warm-up and cool down have been greatly undervalued in most people’s programs. A proper warm-up and cool down ensures that you are always training with warm, active muscles and joints which helps to limit the occurrence of injury. – 


At RPT, we always work through active warm-ups which include mobility, balance, and dynamic movement drills. 


3. Prioritize Form and Function

Don’t become consumed by how you look in the mirror. The biggest challenge you will face is coming to grips with your routine being based around form and function rather than pure physique. 


Prioritizing your form and function means you will be able to successfully train into more difficult movements and more complex periodization – thereby enabling you to push through training plateaus and avoiding injury. 


Fitness can be complicated but at RPT – we make it easy. 


Easy to follow. Easy to succeed. Easy to find the right community of athletes and trainers. 


Take advantage of our amazing staff, a great community of athletes and join the RPT gym today. 


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