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☑️ Meal plan fail? 

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☑️ Meal plan fail? 

Yes, you need to plan and prep. 

Today we are going to talk about why Meal Plans end up failing most people. The most obvious is that they set unrealistic expectations, unachievable goals, and it often becomes an all-or-nothing mentality. 

Another major reason is people are following generic plans that are not designed for their individual needs. 

Imagine if I gave you an exercise program BEFORE asking you about your goals, previous exercise history, injury history. Yep, It would be an epic fail! This is what usually happens with meal plans. 

Client – Just give me a plan! 

Me- Cool, I am going to have you write out what you eat for a week and send it over to me. Then I will know where to start, the habits we need to focus on. 

…..The end. The client feels ashamed. I guess people think trainers are judging them based off what they eat? Or maybe they are too lazy to write it out? Not sure. But I know that a generic meal plan written with no previous information will fail. 

Why do people end up in a cycle of a meal plan for 4 weeks and quit? Because it actually works for about 4 weeks before they realize they are eating cardboard instead of foods they actually enjoy. Or they bite off more than they can chew, as in changing too many habits at one time. Plus there is guilt because they feel like they are a failure for not being able to follow the plan. A plan that was a horrible plan to begin with. A few more reasons why…

  1. Your Meal Plan Isn’t Realistic

 The number one reason meal plans fail is that they usually don’t include one major factor: you are a human and have a life. They don’t consider upcoming birthday parties, Christmas holidays, long work hours, and traveling. 

If you’re locked away in the lunchroom eating your pre-made chicken breast and broccoli while all your work colleagues are enjoying a freshly toasted chicken wrap with mayo and bacon, it instantly affects you. There’s often simply not enough balance when it comes to meal planning.

  1. It’s All or Nothing

The second most common reason why people fail when trying meal prep is that they look at it as a situation of all or nothing. One small mess up leads people to give up, leading to a day, then a week. 

We as humans tend to make a lot of mistakes, but the idea that you must be 100% with your meal plan or else it’s not worth it is a common mistake people make. Once you admit you’ve made one mistake, this often leads to the thought, “I may as well order a pizza as I’ve already made a mistake today.”

Even if you mess up a few times on one Wednesday or Thursday, it’s not worth waiting until the following Monday to start again. Acceptance that we all mess up goes a long way with meal prepping.

  1. Meal Plans Aren’t Sustainable

The third main reason meal planning fails is that it is often unsustainable. It’s challenging for most people to follow a meal plan for more than a few weeks. 

It involves a lot of hassle for someone working a full-time job, as you have to weigh and calculate every piece of food you eat for months, often leading to losing patience with the whole process. 

On top of this, meal plans often don’t teach people how to make healthy, nutritious food. Instead, it’s usually bland food and arbitrary rules unsuited to an individual’s life and body. Healthy eating should not become a burden on our day. Thus, for long-term success, it’s best to workout out a sustainable plan that’s dynamic and can fit your lifestyle. 

Tips For A Successful Meal Plan

There are some ways in which you can get the most out of a meal plan. Here are three tips for finding success in meal planning.

  1. Begin With Healthy Habits

If your main goal with a meal plan is to get a little healthier and get the most out of your food, then the best method is to start with simple habits before you get into the individual nutritional aspect. 

Start by getting in some daily exercise, whether going to the gym, swimming, hiking, biking, or sports.

After this, start finding out what foods make you feel good after you eat them and what vegetables you like to eat, and look up a few nutritious recipes online.

  1. Choose Whole Foods.

To stay on track with a meal plan, you should always aim to buy wholesome food such as fruit, veggies, complex carbs, protein, and good fats. 

Eating whole foods can be both a delightful experience and one which can be easily sustained. If your diet is based on whole foods, it will keep you fuller for much longer and help kill the cravings you may get from eating a small processed lunch.

  1. Match Your Lifestyle To Your Meal Plan

When choosing a meal plan, make sure your needs are considered. You want to match the meal plan to your lifestyle, actual needs, personal goals, and schedule. This will help you stay on track and feel good while you’re doing it.

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