Scared of Group? Underrated exercise? Podcast?

Scared of Group? Underrated exercise? Podcast? 

☑️ Moved in! + Ribbon Cutting! 

☑️ Your RPT anniversary!

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☑️ Scared of Group? 


  1. I am intimidated by the group sessions. Do you have any advice before my first session? 


  1. I understand being intimidated before your first group session. Here are a few tips for you. 


Do the FREE 1 on 1 success session! – We are not going to add you to a group you are not ready for. We use this time to get an idea of your goals, exercise history, injury history, schedule, budget, everything. We will walk you around and tell you what to expect, how we can modify the session to fit your needs.  


Consider 1 on 1 or semi- private to transition into the group- We have a lot of people who will pay session to session, or get a small package of personal or semi – private training sessions before entering the group. We use this time to perfect technique, go over your modifications, and ease you into the sessions. A lot of people end up doing a combination of group and personal. 


Follow the modifications we give you! – This is huge! We have a million modifications for those starting up!  Replacing jumps with low impact variations and reducing the getting up and down off the floor are the top two. We recommend going slower than you think you have to when you start up. On the other hand, we have some very challenging variations for those with more experience. We know your injuries and help you find variations that work for your body! 


There are so many benefits of group training! Contact us today to schedule your FREE 1 on 1 success session and trial week! 



☑️ Underrated exercises? 


  1. What do you consider the most underrated exercises? 


  1. Let’s see if I can answer this in under 20 pages?! 


Everyone needs to have a habit of walking, getting steps. I know this is not exciting, but it’s a must with a million benefits. 


Every strength program should include these movement patterns. I am not going to say specific exercises, but will give a few examples – 


***Upper body push- think push-ups, dumbbell bench presses, overhead presses. 

***Upper body pull- think rows, pull downs or pull ups

***Squat variations 

***Hip Hinge – Deadlifts, RDLs. 

***Split squat and lunge variations 

***Core- anti rotational core exercises like planks and pallof presses 


Overrated? Most exercises have their place in someone’s program. We are all different. But I would say most, not all, machine exercises are overrated. I am NOT saying ALL machine exercises are bad!!! When in doubt go with the exercises that work a lot of muscles at once, versus just isolation exercises. 



☑️ Podcast?


I had a great time connecting with Mark Zarate on the Cool, Calm, and Chaotic podcast! We talked fitness and then he threw me a few curveballs with unplanned questions about music, sweets, growing up in VA and of course I found a way to bring up the 49ers! Make sure you check out the pages below if you want to listen! 

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☑️ Moved in! + Ribbon Cutting 


We are now at 1303 Jamestown Road in our new location! 


We plan to have our ribbon cutting on Sept. 14th at 10:30! Hope you can be there to help us celebrate! Stay tuned for more information about this and other grand openings events! Give us a heads up if you plan to be there! 



☑️ Your RPT anniversary!


We want to celebrate with you! Remember to take your anniversary pics next time you are at the studio! Appreciate your support over the years!! 



☑️Can you help by leaving a google review?


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☑️ Special offers


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