January is almost over! Already?! Are you closer to reaching those goals you set for 2019?

You want to know the fastest way to reach your fitness goals? Slow down in order to build a foundation that will last FOREVER!

You want to know the slowest way to reach your goals?

❎Hop around between fad diets and exercise programs.
❎Wait for “the perfect time” before getting started
❎Become Mr. or Ms. “I can’t make it 3 times per week so I am going to do nothing for the next 3 months” This individual is obsessed with making progress when things are perfect. They would make faster progress if they did the best they could during those “rough periods.” I like to call those rough periods LIFE. Deal with it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. There is a reason we have options like punch passes and then send over home workouts to our members.

So how do you build a strong foundation when it comes to diet and exercise?

Start slower than you think you have to – Have someone analyze your technique and help you find the right exercises FOR YOU! As long as you start, and never stop, you will reach your goals. If you fall for the throw 30 people in a room and have them all jump on a box + go for a run madness, you will get hurt. Getting hurt will slow down your progress! It’s the reason why we have individuals do the NO CHARGE CONSULTATION before training with us! We can then tell them which one of our services is best for them…..group training, semi private training, or one on one/partner.

Obsess over the process, not just the goal- The members getting the fastest results are the ones who come to me and say ….
My goal is to make it at least 8 or 12 times this month
My goal is to prepare my lunch every day this week
My goal is to block out time on Sunday to prep for the week
My goal is to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night this week
Guess what happens to those who say they will lose 10lbs, just to stop the second their water weight fluctuates an ounce? They go nowhere (or backwards) fast!

Do your research, but not too much- Research the individuals who are leading you! Yes, you will need a coach to reach your desired goal. Do more research than how many followers they have on IG/FB. Do more than analyze how great their abs look. There is some terrible advice being thrown around by so called experts. Make sure you don’t become the person who knows too much about things that mean nothing.

If you are a current member who has been coming for a while respond and we can help you set new goals with the no charge consult. If you are new to RPT HIT REPLY so you know what makes us different from a typical gym. What makes us different from the large chain gym group classes. So you understand what REAL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING is.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C, Precision Nutrition Coach
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