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☑️ Start Slow! Find a QUALIFIED Trainer! Listen!

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☑️ Start Slow! Find a QUALIFIED Trainer! Listen!



How you start determines if you are able to stay consistent with your exercise routine. My advice for all of you would be …


Start off slower than you think you have to!

Hire a qualified trainer and LISTEN to them!


It frustrates me to see people start off too fast with an exercise routine or fad diet. They always end up falling off the plan a few weeks later.


I have seen this play out a million times over my last 20 years as a trainer. Starting too fast leads to injuries, early plateaus, and frustration. But people still do it, over and over again.


Some people even do it AFTER they hire a trainer. They either don’t listen to their trainer or they hired an unqualified trainer. Sadly, there are tons of trainers with a weekend certification and no experience giving terrible advice.


Let me explain with a story. A story about Sam. The name is made up but the story is real…..


The story of Speedy Sam… Sam is 55 and has not worked out consistently in the past 20 years. He has a minor knee issue, but other than that pretty good.


Sam shows up to his consultation ready to go! I tell him the focus is to learn great technique, get moving after his long layoff, and get used to the flow of our groups. I offered to do some 1 on 1 or semi-private sessions to help him ease into the groups.


We tell him about our plan to start off slow and stay away from jumps. Reduce some of the getting up and down off the floor at first. We had modifications ready for his knees. Modifications that will allow him to work his lower body without pain. We believe in building a strong foundation.


He fired back with….

“But If I never do it, I will never be able to do it!”

“I want to feel sore and like I worked really hard”

“A little pain, but I should be good”


Sam made other plans. He told us he didn’t think we were intense enough for him to get the fast results he was expecting. He ended up joining a place that had him jumping on boxes on day one. They Loaded him up on heavy squats, doing walking lunges, and pushing too hard too fast. They never even took the time to consult with him before he started!


Sam ended up with pain and no gain. His plans were NOT better than that of a qualified personal trainer. And the trainer he went with made him go backwards.


The good news? Sam eventually came back to us. We ended up getting amazing results with him! He realized that slow and steady with a solid plan works better.


Flashy and Fast never wins. Slow and steady Sam ended up getting better results. It’s about a lifestyle change.

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