A lot of you probably don’t know I have the ability to read minds. Follow along as I take you through a failed attempt at the transformation. We will just call her Transformation Tina. I was able to document and capture her thoughts through all the ups and downs. The ups and downs are part of the process. Tina was able to learn from her mistakes and eventually transform her life with us at Results Performance Training. In Part 2 we plan to document what we did to Transform Tina. But for today just sit back and learn from Tina’s mistakes.
It’s January 1st! Transformation Time!  Tina went to the gym 34 times in January! Go Tina! This was after not going to the gym once the previous 4 months. Tina let nothing stop her from getting to the gym! One week she drove on ice to go run on the treadmill!  Clearly, nothing was going to stop Tina, this year!!

*January results=> Down 4 pounds!!!


All that work and I only lost 4 pounds?! I did the same thing I saw on Biggest Loser and they lost 4 pounds a day! “

Tina was consistent the first 2 weeks of February. She “only” made it to the gym 3 times the second week. She was also more active on off days and overall doing a great job!  A great pace that she would be able to maintain forever with her busy lifestyle. But in her head……

“I am starting to slip! Only 3 times this week?!! I was so good in January!!

The third week of February her son had 8 basketball games,  and 12 practices. She was not able to get in her 2 hour workout so she decided to do nothing. The plan was to start back next week and then came the snow. She could not make it on Monday and Wednesday. She decided  it was best to start back next Monday and forget the rest of the week. Start March off the right way!

=>February results = Down 1 pound

March=> Tina is starting to think about warmer weather and the thought of preparing for the beach. A little motivation was able to get her to the gym for 2 out of 4 weeks. She had a few late nights at the office combined with life stress. She let it snowball into making it once the last 2 weeks. Her habits in regards to eating were starting to slip. Tina is all in, or all out. She does not realize this is the worst mindset to have for long term progress.

“This is so frustrating! I just wish things would calm down! I am just going to wait until after spring break to get back into the swing of things. I see this new place that looks cool! They promise I will lose 20lbs in like 3 weeks! All the people in the picture look like models, so I should look like that in about 6 weeks! They are even willing to train me for FREE! This is almost too good to be true!”

March results = gained 3 pounds!

April===> Tina starts working out at the new place. For 3 weeks she attends every single day! The “experts” there say this it is the best way for her to get results fast!! She is losing weight, fast! Sadly she does not realize that the 900 calorie per day diet they put her on is causing her to lose muscle, ruin her metabolism, and set her up for a rebound of weight gain. Not to mention creating an eating disorder and an unhealthy relationship with food. She has no clue these fake experts only care about her handing over the cash. They don’t care one bit about her long term health.  There is group energy and a great atmosphere but they are beating her, and every  joint in her body, up. She is losing weight, having fun, and sore…so she THINKS something is happening.

“This weight loss is awesome! But what is wrong with ME?! Every joint in my body hurts?! I am getting old. That’s what it is. I am just getting old. I will push through this! I. Got. This! But Why are they just telling me the prices?!!!”

*April=Down 8 pounds(3 pounds were muscle, 2 pounds of water weight)

May==>After taking 3 weeks off because of an injury (that occurred at the new gym) she is finally getting back on track. She was a little depressed because she got out of her routine.  Tina ended up gaining all the weight back. She has a vacation in 4 weeks that she has to prepare for. She decides to try this keto thing out combined with some workout DVDs. She also starts taking supplements. She gets in a few workouts here and there but has no motivation. The combination of being injured and able to workout “whenever” leads her to, not working out. A little better with diet but it’s still a diet, not a lifestyle change. In a conversation with her friends I heard her say……

“I have to look good for this beach trip! This protein shake looks awesome and seems to work for everyone! It even has fruits and veggies in it! I am willing to pay $99.49 for this!! And this pill has raspberries in it! This must work great for fat loss! This guy on the DVD is jumping around like a fool, but I can look at him all day long girl! The results people are seeing with this program are amazing! All this time it was the carbs! I finally figured it out! We are going to look amazing and have fun on this trip!

**May results===> Down $350.49(but she saved on a gym membership?!) Gained all the weight back from April ……but she has to be on the right track? right?

June, July, August==>Tina is traveling every other week during the summer. If Tina  does not have 90 minutes to exercise she does nothing. The “all or nothing” and “perfect time” mentality is destroying her. She did continue to hop around and try a few different things over the summer. Below are some of her thoughts from those experiences….

“Another new place! I should be able to take in a few more calories since they say I will burn like,  649 calories,  AFTER the workout! It cost a lot more so that means it must be good?! I wonder will they take the time to modify for my knee injury? Oh Look, this guy in Utah lost like 45 lbs in 6 weeks. Lets try it out!”

“I am going back to the commercial gym and will throw in some running. I can’t keep paying this much and my joints are killing me. I hate being in the room with 30 other people! None of them understand what I am going through! They have me doing all these combo exercises. I don’t know how to do any of them the right way. They had me trying to do all 3 at the same time?! 

“This is boring! The same treadmill and weight machines! They tell me to lift weights but I don’t know what I am doing. It’s like a jungle sometimes. It makes me wonder how I keep from getting hurt?! “

“All I had to do 20 years ago was go for a run and the weight would fly off!  I enjoy it but it seems like the only thing that happens now is my knee gets messed up!”

“Is this a group class or am I preparing for the remake of Thriller?! Michael Jackson had to practice these moves. This lady is expecting me to know them on the first day?! With 50 other people in the room? And no guidance?!

“How am I supposed to stay on my diet with all these events coming up? Why are all these people at work talking about a diet and then bring doughnuts for breakfast? Come on Target?! Really? Halloween candy! My kids don’t even know who their teacher is yet?! I am going to get this together when I get them back in school. That will be the perfect time! I will finally have time!”

===>End of summer=gained 6 lbs

Tina came out the gates strong in September. She lost some of the weight she put on over the summer. She bought 3 diets books which helped (actually hurt, long term). Around mid October her pace started to slow down. Around Mid November she hit a wall and the stress levels reached a peak. Instead of doing what she could do with the time she had, she did nothing. She did not understand that during certain times of the year the goal is to not go backward. I mean imagine if she did something, anything, to just prevent gaining weight? Tina is ready to go come January. Because January is the “perfect time.”

A few tips that we can learn from her mistakes……

Start now and stop waiting for the perfect time!-Stop it with the “it’s not the right time” stuff! Do what you can,  with what you have, now.   Be consistent over time! The transformation does not take place when life is “perfect.” The transformation happens during the 44 weeks of the year when life is throwing you curve balls and you SHOW UP!

Start slower than you think you have to start!- Does not sound sexy and cool saying  we take you from A to B to C, eventually to Z. A lifestyle change does not occur when you go from A to Z in 3 to 4 weeks, just to go back to A. It’s hard which is why you need……

Coaching and Accountability  A dvd is not coaching. 99.49% of these overnight certified trainers with no experience don’t fall under the category of coach. A big box gym that takes your money and forgets your name 5 seconds later is not a coach. A fad gym run by people with no experience training people does not fall under the category of coach. Being a fitness model does not give you the right to use the term coach. Coaches are STRONG LEADERS who stand for something. In my case it’s the ability to sit across from you and say “I will change your life.”

Most gyms only work for 5% of the  people who will get results no matter what they do. Most gyms don’t take the take to understand your specific Needs, Concerns, Budget, Schedule, and Goals. If you are ready to get RESULTS then  HIT REPLY and we can set up a FREE ONE ON ONE SUCCESS SESSION. RPT is the GPS to help you reach your fitness goals. More than Exercise. More than a Gym. A Lifestyle Transformation Center. We. Change. Lives.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist