I am sure the answer was…..No. Never. Not at all. If you deal with stress or feel too busy to workout keep reading. A big part of what we do at RPT is coaching the other 23 hours. We coach the mental side of things just as well as the physical. We look at the BIG PICTURE and figure out a way to help you fit fitness into a healthy LIFESTYLE. More than exercise.  Today is a story about a member who I helped with…..

Stress management 

Getting in a great workout with limited time

Improving Recovery between sessions, which leads to better results, over time 

First, A little background about Derrick(Made up name. Not Detric, which is pronounced D-trick). Derrick was a challenging member to work with.  He likes to keep his life a mystery so he had me use a fake name for this story.  I have not figured this guy out yet! Derrick was consistent with his exercise routine and did a good job with nutrition. The occasional cheese steak here and there, but overall pretty good.

Derrick had some issues managing stress. He is a workaholic. It was nothing for Derrick to be up responding  to my emails at 330AM! I  know Derrick owns a business and always seems to be on the go . He is an introvert and an extrovert at the same time. His strengths are his weaknesses, weaknesses are his strengths. He cares too much, even though it does not always come off this way to others. Below is a conversation I had with Derrick and a few tips I gave him to help manage the stress.

Detric – so how are things? You are doing pretty good with the sessions. How can I make you better?

Derrick- overall I am doing pretty good. I can do better though. I just don’t recover from sessions like I used to?! My mind is always racing with ideas so I don’t sleep well. I love life and have a ton of energy! Sometimes I think I am overdoing it?! Can you help me out Detric?

Detric- well, of course I can help. Tell me more about your lifestyle? stress levels?

Derrick—Pretty high. A lot of good stress though. Owning a business is pretty intense.

Detric— I hear you buddy!! Well, what do you enjoy doing ?

Derrick— I am a  simple guy. I love what I do for a living!! Truly blessed! In fact I work at it all the time! It can be stressful but I love changing  lives!! I mean, I really, really, really, …….

Detric—ok. That is great, Derrick. Now tell me what you enjoy doing outside of  work? Life is more than work, Derrick.

Derrick- I am a simple guy. I can have fun doing just about anything. A good cup of green tea, spending time outside,(good) music, family and friends, laughing, and the occasional movie. I have a hard time sitting down long enough to watch a movie, but sometimes it relaxes my mind.   Oh, and I LOVE the San Francisco 49ers!!! And Lebron! I like going to baseball games. I love sports! I like to travel and want to do more of it.  I love to write while listening to music and drinking, green tea.

Detric – You sound VERY interesting, Derrick. I  think you just a need a few simple lifestyle changes that can reduce your stress. This will also improve your workouts. Recovery is everything. The sessions have to be planned around YOUR  ability to RECOVER from sessions. This is why we have all the modifications and different levels in place.  I know your personality type Derrick. You are a go getter. There is the potential that you will burn out and even hurt yourself if you keep going at this pace. With everything.

Derrick- Non- sense! I am going to keep pushing because I will lose my edge if I stop working!

Detric – Seriously, Derrick. Listen to me! I have been in your shoes. I almost feel like I am talking to myself right now. This is what you need to do……

==>Go. To. Sleep!! Cut out technology before bed, at least an hour. Sleep does not end the day, it starts it!

==>You have a crazy busy schedule and lifestyle. You need to take a break. Schedule mini breaks if you can’t take long vacations. Get away from work at some point and this will help you long term. 

==>Go for walks mid day, especially if the weather is nice. It will help you get in a little low impact exercise and it’s a form of meditation. Does not seem like much but it will add up! It helps a lot with recovery. 

==> Less technology!! Trust me it’s hurting you more than helping. In every area of your life! It is starting to get out of control and I see this with everyone!

==>Focus on Breathing exercises. Do these while you are foam rolling and this will go a long way.

==>If you can’t help yourself then you will not be able to help others right? So find time to focus on you! Prioritize it!

==>Spend more time with family and close friends. You seem to be doing this, but truly separate it from work. You will also need to surround yourself with others like you. If you own a business then find other people who own businesses that you can talk to. A big part of what we do here at RPT is the community aspect of it. Connect with them also. 

==>Watch the volume, intensity, and frequency of your work outs. You can push, but you are not exactly the same person you were 15 years ago. There is nothing wrong with this! You are in good shape, but do you want to do this forever? You will have to train a bit smarter now. I know that shoulder issue is minor, now. You need to keep it that way while doing things to improve it. You only get one body. One life. enjoy it!! We talk about exercise all the time. Go review my blog site where I give tips for busy professionals to fit it all in ==>  http://www.detricsmith.com/blog/

==>Keep a gratitude journal. Spend some time putting everything into perspective. Focus on seeing the bright side and being optimistic. 

==>Block out time to do more of the things you enjoy! 

==> You already do a good job of writing down your career goals. Do the same thing with your personal goals. It starts there!

==> Try using the magic word. It is… NO!! I mean you are overbooking yourself with all of these events.

==> View exercise as your number one way to fight stress and have more energy!  See it as more than just weight loss!! Prioritize it! Do not focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do! See it as a blessing because there are others who would love to be in your shoes!!

Derrick made big steps towards his goal with the help of the RPT team. He  took a step back in the middle of some tough periods, but the RPT team was there to help. Derrick still remains a bit of a mystery, but it’s nice to see him start to open up a bit.

It started with Derrick asking for help! It always starts with building the team around you. More than exercise. If you are looking for a place that knows how to fit exercise into your busy lifestyle send over an email (or text 757 589 7028) and we can help. Baby Steps. Take the first step TODAY!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist


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