Summer, summer, summer time! Time to sit back and unwind!…not completely! This is a tricky time of the year when it comes to your fitness goals.  You are trying to reach your fitness goals but have a million events! Today I plan to tell you a story about Will (made up name to protect his identity) who I helped make progress  over the summer. Hopefully you get a few tips that will help you make it through the summer!

  Will--“I am just going to wait until the fall Detric. I have too much going on. I have a Miami trip with my friends Jeff and Carlton next week. I have a huge event planned for the week of Independence Day! I plan to visit my family in California.  In my business the summer is very busy! I know we have made a lot of progress but I think I am going to have to take a break for now and touch base again in the fall. 

Detric-– And. this. is.  Results Performance Training’s new definition of summer madness!!!! Is this is joke Will? You were in a groove, slightly transformed! Just a bit of a break from the norm and now you decide to give up? 

Your thoughts become things (and actions) so let’s address mindset first! It’s cool to talk about people who have lost a ton of weight, and the best way to go about it. I am going to bring up something just as important that no one talks about. NOT putting on the weight in the first place!! You know when this weight gain happens? When you have this all or nothing mindset. Stop it!

When you come back you are just  losing the weight you put on during the period when you were  “all out.” This endless cycle leads to no progress, over time. Progress ALWAYS happens OVER TIME! Habits built from a strong foundation WITH PATIENCE always beat the “all in, all out” people.

Now obviously you can’t train with me if you are in Miami, but we can still make progress. At the very least, not go backward. A few things you will need to remember…

Never take a zero on your most important task for the day=> If you only have 30 minutes then do something. Anything! We are going to send over some home workouts for you even if you are not a member. It does not have to be an all out crazy intense workout or at the gym  for it to count.

Follow the 80/20 rule=> Some things just matter more than others. I am going to help you get 80 percent of the results by finding the 20 percent you need to focus on! This 20 percent has to be flawless and consistent. A few compound multi joint exercises that focus on your push(chest, shoulders, triceps), pull( back and biceps), Squat(entire lower body), and Hip Hinge (entire backside of body) equals the 80 percent. We throw in some core work and flexibility/mobility exercises around YOUR weaknesses and you have a great workout!. In half the time most people spend in the gym!

We are going to find a form of cardio that works for you! That is fun for you and does not injure you! We will then program our strength training using shorter rest periods and supersets so we keep your heart rate up to get the cardiovascular benefit… know, similar to our sessions! Those machines and a million isolation exercises are useless. They represent what should be the 10 percent but most people make it 90 percent! I can show you one bodyweight movement to replace 3 to 4 machines and it will work better! Safer! And save you a ton of time!!

Momentum is Everything!=> Remember this Will! Now the workouts we  get in while you are in town create momentum! There is nothing worse than having to start back over again. Never come to a complete stop!! If you can only make it once a week then show up and we can get those home workouts over to you. One or 2 weeks away is not a big deal as long as you are still doing something!

Snowball effect=> this is huge!! Going back to the all or nothing mindset for a second. Do not let one missed workout or week turn into a month out. Do not let one bad meal turn into a bad week or going off your “diet” I have people that come to me once a week, or even a few times per month, and it changes their life. Not because of the time they spent with me. But because that time motivated them to do more home workouts, eat a little better, and workout with their families! Everything counts!! The energy you get from staying active is going to allow you to get more out of work and manage stress also!

So this is what we are going to do…Just show up when you can,  do the best you can.  Take our advice for when you can’t make it! A place called the plateau is where everyone goes, but we can get you past this! You are a member of the RPT family even if you are out for a bit. Even If you are not paying me a dime Ask questions!! You know we are not like all of those “gyms” that take your money and offer no value in return!

Will–Ok, Detric. Thanks. I really appreciate this.  I think I have the exercise part down now.  I am active and like to dance so that should help out. How about diet? Because I’m invited to a barbecue that’s starting at four!  My parents have all of these events. It’s almost as if they don’t understand I am trying to lose weight! Aunt Vivian knows all of my weaknesses and Uncle Phil is going to cook enough food to bring back for the entire summer! Any tips for this?!!!

Detric – This is going to be a challenge Will. We have to start off with mindset again. We have to change your attitude towards food. Right now you make a “mistake” and you feel like a bad person. This leads to periods of restriction, that lead to periods of bingeing. Like everything we have talked about today we have to find that sweet spot, and I am not referring to ice cream. I am referring to that place of balance. That place where you can enjoy your food and realize  it’s what you are doing  90 percent of the time that makes the difference. That 10 percent is not a big deal unless you make it big deal.

Stop beating yourself up over “mistakes” that are not mistakes. You are not a bad boy because you had a bad meal. We will address the Frequency and amount of those foods and get you back on track. Having those foods can help you stay on your plan long term! Results always happen in the long term! Life is too short to not enjoy those events and foods! We just have to find the balance!

So this is what we are going to do Will! I know you are traveling a lot so go download our dining out guide to prevent worst case scenario on the road=>

FORWARD this over to your friend Carlton before your road trip. I know he will jump on it. He mentioned he was trying to lose weight. Try to get family and friends involved as much as possible and it will make it easier

You are a bright guy Will so remember no one remembers your mistakes except for you! You have to get past them and stay focused on taking it one day at a time. I am going to review your food log so keep track of it and we can keep you focused. A few small changes that will make a huge difference. Instead of placing you on an extreme diet we are going to go back and forth and find a plan for you!  Grocery list, your triggers, and replacements for “bad foods.” Go back and consider our transformation packages =>

Will, the main thing I am trying to do is get you to look at the big picture. Even if you go with those programs realize they only work if you are ready for them to work! It starts with your mindset! It starts with taking the first step and asking for help. You have taken the first step. You just need to stay on track when things get rough. We are here to help.  The coaching, education, and accountability is the difference maker that we bring to the table. …..Any questions?

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

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