If you’re an athlete in training, you mean serious business.

You want results.

You want to get faster, get stronger – get better. You don’t have time to waste because your opponent is working just as hard as you are.

You need an edge.

Results Performance Training facility is your edge.

I’m Detric Smith and I’m a Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist and American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. I have been working with female athletes for a number of years now, helping take them to new heights in their athletic career.
If you’re currently feeling frustrated that you just aren’t performing as well as you’d like, we need to talk because I can help you finally see those results that you’re looking for.
What will you get when you come train with me?

check Complete Customization. Each and every female athlete that I work with is unique and different in her own way. You have your own strength and weaknesses and in order to see the absolute best results, you need to pinpoint those weaknesses, making them your strength as well. I can assess where you need the most improvement and tailor your workouts to address these issues.
check Intricate Customization Suited To YOU. We do not provide cookie-cutter programs here. Each client gets a sit-down meeting with a trainer where goals are discussed and an action plan is created. This will include nutritional help to ensure you see optimal results. We provide everything you need to get results.
check Commitment To Excellent. At Results Performance training, we aren’t just about making a profit off our clients. We truly care about their results. If you’re happy, we’re happy – and we’re going to ensure that you are happy. Our trainers will work with you every step of the way, addressing any of your concerns as they should arise. You will never be alone in the process.
check Cost Effective Training. You already have a number of bills to pay being as involved with your sport as you are. You don’t need to add a hefty personal training bill to that. At our studio, we bring you the most cost effective training available. You’ll still get access to top level trainers at just a fraction of what you’d typically pay. Our athletes benefit from a month of training sessions for the same price as what you’d typically pay for three sessions of training. This allows you to get better, faster.
check Training Periodization. We understand that at various times of the year – and various points in your athletic career, your goals are going to change. This is a normal part of being a top level athlete and in order to maximize your performance, you need a training program that adapts. Our programs will be periodized to meet the needs of your sport year-round. This way, you can maximize your improvements during the off-season and optimize your performance during the in-season.
check Access To Top Level Trainers. You can never be too careful about who you choose to work with. Our trainers are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association, so you can feel confident you’re working with an expert.

So if you’re tired of being the second best athlete or simply not feeling like you’re reaching your full potential, come see us at Results Performance Training.

Only those athletes that take action and doing everything in their power to see optimal results succeed.

When was the last time you took action and did something that you knew would take your performance up a notch?

Make today the day you commit to excellence. Email me at [email protected] with free session in the title and I will send over the required paperwork and set up a time to discuss your goals and get you in for a free session.