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☑️ These Things Won’t Change

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☑️ These Things Won’t Change 

Life is all about change and how we adapt to it.

But when it comes to your overall health, fitness and wellness, there are a few things that will never change.

So as opposed to bouncing from one exercise program or diet to the next, and never seeing the results you want, focus on the things that won’t change.

Here are the most important ones:

Simpler Is Better: From Instagram and Facebook to YouTube, there are a lot of “gurus” out there trying to distract you with some new exercise routine or diet that’s never existed before. Ignore these people. Become the best at the basics and avoid trainers or gyms that claim to have invented some new form of exercise. Spoiler alert: They didn’t.

The Other 165: Most people make it to the gym about 3 days a week. Most gym workouts last an hour. So that means there are 165 hours during the week when they’re not in the gym. What are they doing during all those hours? Factors like sleep, stress, hydration and nutrition have a lot more to do with how your clothes fit than those kettlebell swings that you did yesterday. 

Quality Matters: They say “The hardest part is showing up.” Actually, the hardest part is knowing what to do and how to do it when you show up. I can’t tell you how many people have wasted large sums of money on fitness programs that were based simply on the idea of showing up … with little or no concern for what actually happened when they did. Quality matters. Personalization matters. All workouts are not created equal. Seek out a community and coaches who have your best interests at heart and can guide and support you before, during and after your workouts. 

Mindset Matters: Your beliefs create feelings, which produce thoughts, which result in actions that produce certain outcomes. If your limiting beliefs are holding you back, the loop will just keep repeating itself and producing results that you don’t want. Here’s a tip: Decide to be good enough. Decide that you deserve it. You’ll be surprised how much one decision can change the whole loop … and your outcomes.

Self-Care Is A Must: Many of us burn ourselves out taking care of everyone else but forget about ourselves. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Put yourself first so you can be the best version of you helping others.

It’s true that things are always changing … but not everything. These are a few “fitness facts” that I believe will be around forever. Use them to your advantage.

☑️ Backpack Drive for Bacon Street 

School is starting soon, and Results Performance Training is joining up with Bacon Street to raise supplies for their annual backpack drive! Stop by the studio anytime before August 10th, and drop off your donations! Thank you for your help in supporting our community. 

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Or maybe you are interested in group training but can not make it as often? We have punch pass options for regular group and pay per session options for our semi private groups (2 to 5 people per group)

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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

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