Too boring to work ?! Fasting and performance?

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☑️How to develop Strong habits 

☑️Fasting for Performance ?!

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Developing Strong habits!

My clients who are successful have no superpower. They have the same 24 hours a day and they’re stressed, tired, overworked and underpaid.

Then how do they get great results, while you’re still stuck? It’s not a superpower, it’s the right mindset because taking deliberate action is what will wire our brains to be more productive in all walks of life.  

When someone walks in the door and says my only goal is to just make it consistently to the gym two to three times a week for a few months, these people always seem to get the best results.

However, when someone comes in only focused on results and not the process of getting those results, they get frustrated the second the scale does not budge and quit.

One way to develop exercise consistency is developing better habits and not waiting for motivation to arrive.  

Contemplate all the stuff you do daily without thinking about it. Things like.

Brushing your teeth

Taking a shower

Making coffee 

Watching the morning news

Cheering for the 49ers

You know what most of these have in common? They’re right in front of you and if you didn’t do these things, you’d be hard to get along with. Habits whether their good or bad are usually automatic.

Now imagine if exercise and movement is like brushing your teeth. It happens automatically, and you do it because it’s great for your health and not just for the scale. This is when good things start to happen,

If you need help making exercise a habit, you might need to hire a coach for a jump-start. To hold you accountable. 

A second thing my successful clients have is a little thing called


When you’re focused these things happen

  •         Drive
  •         Scheduling
  •         Goal setting
  •         Failing and getting back up again

Does that sound like a recipe for consistency? I think so.

Focusing on the process and making exercise a habit will help you develop consistency that will have you crushing every goal for years to come. Now, what are you waiting for? 

Intermittent Fasting for Performance?! – 

An honor to be a featured expert for STACK magazine! Check out my latest article about Intermittent Fasting and Performance! Does it help or hurt ?  

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We work with busy professionals who want to be healthy and get in shape. We don’t work with bodybuilders who are trying to compete on stage. That’s why we have workouts that include strength, mobility, cardio, balance, and flexibility all in a 45 minute period.

It’s not your traditional boring treadmill and machine workout. Our program is much easier to maintain and not painful on the joints.

We also teach you what to do when you’re working out alone on off days, or without assistance. And unlike most gyms, we structure our billing so you only pay for what you get. You don’t pay for the days you aren’t here.

We offer payment options by the session, month to month, or punch passes to give busy people like you an easy and stress-free way to get started.

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

Owner, Results Performance Training

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