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Staying active is one of the most beneficial things any human can do, as no matter what age you are, it can promote general well-being and longevity. With this in mind, why do we see so many older people stop working out in their late 50s and



There are numerous myths behind why older adults should give up strength training and exercising that  have no real truth in them. In fact, exercising as you age has multiple health benefits, such as better flexibility and mobility, improved blood pressure, decreased chance of dementia, and an overall improvement

in mental well-being. 


 Training Myths Some Older Adults Believe?

If you are coming into your 60s, it’s expected that your life may start to slow down a little, whether it be business, fitness, or social outings. But the idea that you should be swapping your exercise for hobbies that have you sitting around a table all day is nonsense. 


The myths which often convince older people to give up exercising on a semi-regular basis arise from the thoughts one has about not wanting to injure or hurt oneself. A better idea is to adapt as you age. You can still do anything you would in your younger years, just with a little less intensity.


The Main Myths Behind Senior Strength Training

Below we will list some of the central myths about why older adults should exercise less and give you some insight into why they are not valid. Exercise is just as important in your later years as in your younger ones.

Myth #1 – I have Some Pain In My Joints

If you’ve heard the age-old myth that some stiffness and joint pain should stop you from lifting weights and exercising in your later years, you may have even believed it. 

However, science has now shown that people suffering from joint problems such as arthritis should exercise or

lift weights regularly. Strength training can help improve flexibility and mobility and reduce joint pain and stiffness. 

Myth #2 – I will Injure Myself

The next myth surrounding strength training is that you’re likely to injure yourself if you exercise. While this is always a possibility for the older population as much as the younger, if strength training is performed with proper form, there is a very low risk of injury. 


The majority of injuries sustained when working out are preventable. Strains, tendonitis, and other minor injuries can all be avoided by listening to your body. When you train, warm up properly, stretch, and slowly increase the intensity of your workout sessions.

Myth 3 – I Don’t Have Enough Energy

Another common myth is that your energy levels are too low in later years to be able to exercise. Yet, the truth is that the less

active you are, the less energy and tolerance for working out you have. 


An easy way to combat this is to simply ease yourself into working out. Begin with two or three short sessions a week and slowly work up from there. You will soon realize you have even more energy from working out regularly. 


Blood flow in the body increases during exercise, delivering more oxygen and nutrients. Thus, overall energy production is improved. On top of this, staying active will lower your resting heart rate, increase your metabolic rate and even improve your blood pressure.

Myth #4 – Too Old To Exercise

The next common myth that stops seniors from working out is the idea that they are now too old to work out like they once did. While

it’s true you may not be able to work out with the same intensity as someone in their 20s; you can still perform at your best for your age. 


Plenty of athletes have proven this, such as all the marathon runners who consistently compete into their 50s, 60s, and 70s. 

Myth #5 – Better Off Focusing On Mental Wellbeing


Our final most common myth is that in your later years, you’re better off focusing on mental well-being than physical well-being. While both are important in their way, you should know that the physical can significantly affect the mental.


Science is beginning to understand that physical exercise can improve your brain’s health and even ward off and slow down the progression of dementia. Along with this, it reduces anxiety and stress and often leads to a better social life.


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