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☑️ Fat Loss Math?!

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☑️ Top Exercise Series (Youtube)

Go subscribe to our Youtube Page. Over the next few weeks we plan to add to our Top Exercises Series! Most of this can be done with your bodyweight or low cost equipment.

We also plan to answer your questions by video. So send them over!  

Below are top exercises  you can do with Val slides or furniture sliders! 

Top Valslide Exercises

☑️ Fat Loss Math?!

I think everyone, at least once in their life, should track everything they eat. It does not have to be done forever. 

The key is awareness. Most people think they are only eating one serving ,when they are really eating 2 to 3. I was shocked when I realized my one serving of peanut butter was 4. It threw a few things off when it came to reaching my goals!

Do the Math! If you have one bad habit that is 200 calories per day, that is 6000 calories per month. Now multiply that by 12 months. That is how I view it. 

It only takes one small action. One small change will make a huge difference. This is why I preach against following strict diets. They can not be followed long term. They are not needed. 

Exercise is the same way. One missed session x 52 adds up. But going from nothing to one or two days per week will change your life. It will give you the momentum to eventually bump it up when you realize how good you feel. 

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