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☑️ Stay on your plan while Traveling?

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☑️ How to stay on your plan while Traveling?


It’s almost summer,summer, summertime! For most of us, that means more traveling. More traveling usually makes it a lot harder to stick to your fitness and nutrition plans. Here are a few tips that will allow you to get results on the road. If you like this, then head over to our website to the section called “Free Stuff.” We have guides to travel workouts, eating on the road, and much more.


Develop a plan BEFORE you go! 

No, I am not saying to have a strict plan while on vacation. But you need to have a few guidelines and goals.  Something as small as a number or days or minutes for the week can go a long way.


Make a plan to exercise- 

Make a decision on how, when, and what you will need to get in a quick workout. Research the hotel gyms or local gyms in the area. Pack light equipment like exercise bands. Have a trainer design a bodyweight workout that fits your needs and abilities. 


Pack healthy food and snacks –

Go with higher protein snacks, fruits, veggies, and lower calorie options so you don’t get too hungry. Find lower calorie options for meals on the road. Check out our Dining out Guide on the website for some ideas.


The goal is not to be perfect!

If your goal is all or nothing , then it will turn out being nothing. Find balance and enjoy yourself with limits.


Find healthy options at restaurants –

Take a few minutes to view restaurants before you go out. Do not deny yourself of foods you enjoy. Just be smart and make sure every single meal is not a free for all. 

Yes, you can enjoy a few drinks. Just don’t go crazy. Liquid calories add up fast! And you might not remember all of them:) All empty calories. 


Unstructured exercise –

Get outside and go for a walk! Hiking and biking are perfect for getting in exercise while exploring a new area. 


Don’t stress about going backwards if you have been consistent-

I have seen some people come back stronger after a short layoff. Continue to move, but every single session does not have to be structured. Have some Fun with it! 


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