You have seen our members holding the “Down 20, 30, and over 70 pounds” signs? Do you want to join them? A few of their secrets below……


Secret 1- There is no secret! They worked harder than those who failed to reach their goals.


They are more consistent than those who fail to reach their goals.


They all started!! They were all too busy.  There is no perfect time, which means it’s always the perfect time!


Their highs were not as high. Their lows were not as low- I hate it when I see these places promoting crazy intense workouts and extreme diets. They just lead to injuries and eating disorders. Results don’t come from “sexy” fads. They get you excited. They set you up for a big let down! Do you want to keep the weight off after you lose it? Stop following these fads  and crazy programs!


They are more resilient. They don’t let a bad day turn in to a bad week. They don’t let a bad week turn in to a bad month. They don’t let a bad month turn in to a bad year! They get right back on track!


They have goals. REALISTIC GOALS! If you need help setting them HIT REPLY or text 757 589 7028.


They all have PROCESS GOALS. They focused on their process goals. They did not focus on goals like losing 20, 30, or 70 pounds. They focused on goals like show up to 3 sessions this week and prepare my meals for the week.


They believe in the power of accountability. Motivation is great. What happens on the days you are not motivated? You show up. That is what winners do. Losers fail to “show up” . Make it easier by having a coach hold you accountable.


They have a strong Why. They have a purpose for their life. Losing a few pounds is not your Why! You want to play with your grandkids? You want to enjoy life without being  a burden to your children? You want the confidence that comes with putting on those jeans from 10 years back!  If you really want those things then step up and make those things happen. Stop making excuses. Time is not waiting for you!


They do just enough research! Some of you are sitting around researching the perfect diet. There is no perfect diet. Do Something! Hire a coach that refuses to let you fail!


On the other end of spectrum some of you will trust anyone. If you are following an overnight certified trainer/fitness model with no experience training people then….?? Do a little research on the certifications, degrees, and experience top trainers have.


☑They surround themselves with people who believe in them. They have coaches who believe in them. Coaches who believe in them, more than they believe in themselves. AFTER THAT, they become believers, in themselves. That is “the secret.”


Believe. Commit. Let us take care of the rest!


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Start off with the no charge one on one success session so you can see how we are different from a big commercial gym or “large group class.” Learn about our services …Group Personal Training ,Fitness Boot Camp, Semi Private Training, and one on one training! Email or text 757 589 7028 to learn more!

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Happy Holidays,

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Coach


P.S=> I will be dancing with the Williamsburg Stars! This amazing event benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters and Literacy for Life! Consider coming to the event or making a donation with our charity fitness sessions=>https://williamsburgstars.com/campaigns/detric-smith/