Discover How to Lose Fat… And Keep it Off

NSCA Certified instructor Detric Smith offers a successful exercise and diet program for people ready to improve their health and their appearance.  Unlike most fitness programs that assume everyone loses weight the same we, we will design a custom program based specifically on your needs and situation.
The Exercise & Diet Program Design and Consultation includes:

bullet1 Evaluation of current diet and workout program
bullet1 Goal setting to meet your specific needs
bullet1 Assessments of body fat, measurements and weight to track your progress
bullet1 Strength training program delivered by email for your convenience
bullet1 Energy system (cardio) plan
bullet1 Initial session to take you through exercises
bullet1 Diet plan including grocery lists, meal plans, and meal preparation plans
bullet1 Your questions answered in person, by phone and email for your convenience

“The last 10” Consultation Program

This consultation program is for those of you that have already committed to a healthy lifestyle, but need that extra push to reach the next level.  I’ll provide you with expert advice on weight loss, strength training, cardio, nutrition, and the best supplements available today.

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

You’re tired of not looking and feeling your best.  So why put off improving your health, your appearance, and the quality of your life?  Pick up the phone and call Detric at (757) 589-7028 or send me an email to become a part of the Results Performance Training family.  It just might be the best investment that you’ve ever made.