Whether you’re currently finishing up your final high school years or you’re just starting to embark on the journey of university, if you’re a female and engaged in athletics, strength training needs to be a critical part of your week.

Many girls of the teenage years overlook strength training in their routine, and sadly, fail to see the many benefits it has to offer them.

Let’s take a closer look at why starting a strength training routine is essential for teenage girls.

Improved Metabolic Rate

The first reason that all females should be considering a strength training routine is because it’ll help get their metabolic rate on track from a younger age. If they can build a foundation of lean muscle mass, this is going to mean that she’ll burn more calories day by day, helping prevent unwanted weight gain into her adult years.

As more and more young adults are becoming overweight, this is an important benefit that cannot be missed.

Building Strength Foundations

The second important reason to include strength training in your workout routine is because it’ll help with building a strong foundational level of strength. No matter what sport you play, you can benefit from having increased lean muscle mass and strength levels.

Teenage girls will see dramatic improvements in their speed, quickness, and agility level from a regular strength training program, which then transfer over to improved sport performance.

As she get stronger, her recovery rates will also increase as your body becomes more trained and is able to adapt to the exercise she is performing.

Improved Bone Development

Bone development is the next important benefit that teenage girls stand to gain from participating in a regular strength-training program. Some people mistakenly think that strength training will only focus on the muscle system, however this is incorrect.

A good strength training program will also help with the development of strong bones, reducing the risk factor for osteoporosis, stress fractures, and breaks.

Enhanced Body Image

Finally, the last reason that all teenage girls should get started on a proper strength training program is because it’s a great way to boost self-image. Many girls of this age are going through a number of changes in their bodies – changes they may not be fully comfortable.

Strength training will help the trainee gain a new appreciate of what her body can do and will help herself in a new way. She’ll view her body for the strength it has and for its ability to perform physical tasks that many others her age cannot.

This can help put young girls on the right direction towards maintaining a healthy
body image, rather than going down the path too many women go down, developing poor body images or eating disorders.

So there you have the main reasons any teenage girl who’s engaging in sports in her high school years should be considering strength training. It really is one of the best exercises that she can choose to perform.