I see people get caught up in the name of a program, without taking the time to understand WHY It works. Today I will explain the WHY behind what we do.

✔Safety First!/Technique!- It’s a shame I even have to write this. But most of these group classes out there are not safe!

✔Intensity Sweet Spot- We find this better than any other place in Williamsburg. We are able to adjust it as you make progress. Most places are either too extreme or they are doing nothing. Sitting on a machine doing a leg extension is not doing much to get results. You don’t have to kill yourself with each session either!

✔Muscle = metabolism=Strength Training=Long Term Fat loss — No, you will not get bulky from our programs!!! Programs that say their methods change muscle origin and insertion points (long lean muscles) are a complete lie! Programs that beat people into the ground and make them “feel” like they accomplished something lead to muscle loss. Muscle loss means you age faster. Muscle Loss means you end up in the endless cycle of losing weight to put it back on! Strength training is NOT bodybuilding, crossfit, or Olympic weightlifting!!!!

✔ Variety- Enough to keep it interesting and fun. Not your typical group class that never changes and gets boring. I do not believe in so much variety you never get enough reps to improve technique on core movements. You will  never be able to track progress if there is too much variety. The pick an exercise out of a hat method works to attract people at some of these places. It is not good for getting long term results.

✔Building Habits that last a lifetime vs FADS/short term programs

✔More intense work in a shorter amount of time (HIIT, Circuit Training, Metabolic conditioning, supersets) vs Long Distance Cardio work . No “do a set of an exercise and wait for 5 minutes” then say you worked out for 2 hours (commercial gym method)

✔Dynamic Flexibility + Mobility + Flexibility+ Soft Tissue work+ Balance+ everything — It’s not just strength and Cardio!…

✔We Focus on what you will NOT do (right) by yourself –  Without another person telling you what to do you will resort to the easiest thing. Or your favorite things. Leaving out what is important!

✔Body Weight and Free Weights over  Machines —  Most machines are useless. They are not safer and can even cause injuries. Most restrict natural movement. There are a few that are beneficial, but they are NOT better.

✔”Slow, but fast, Strength Work?”– A lot of programs out there are not really addressing strength training even if they claim to. With our regular group times most people will see a major improvement  in strength ( along with improving EVERYTHING).

Our Newer Semi – Private sessions take this a step further. Members who use it even a few times per month are noticing a major improvement in strength! This is one of those things YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND. TRUST ME. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS. You just understand what you “feel” and gauge a session on how much you sweat. You only know what you “think” you accomplished. The power of coming in and knowing the weight you did last time, and then beating it, is powerful!

We are able to manipulate  variables (sets x reps x rest periods) in order to improve absolute strength. This will improve everything. It will help EVERYONE. The frequency of these sessions will vary based on where you are  in your fitness journey! A lot of my friends and mentors have programs based around the same principles. A few examples of people I respect…

=>Lift Weight Faster http://f5a677iqvdkx8l3a43lduidwfr.hop.clickbank.net/

=>Show and Go Training http://ae1aayjk-arrfz3bya4fslvffo.hop.clickbank.net/

=> Meghan Calloway http://a0d561gkv2dq8m98hn4jyhsl64.hop.clickbank.net/

=>Active Aging Over 50 http://286b19ssu3qq7w9cwapjtd6t7r.hop.clickbank.net/

Red Light/Green Light System – Any program that does not take the time to tell you what exercises are not safe for you can’t be trusted. Period. We are all different!

✔Level System based on your previous exercise history- Because it’s not smart to come into a group and do the same thing as the person next to you. Who has been coming for years. We help you modify and find YOUR level!

✔Correct the REAL Problem First \ Assessment – We take the time to understand what the real problem is! Lets say you have a hard time with squats. We would assess hip mobility, ankle mobility, etc. We would focus on what you can do! Getting the same benefit or more! We would not leave you frustrated by having you do a variation of squats that does not work for you. Eventually you will do the squat with great technique, safely…So, Not like those group classes that put 30 people in a room doing half jump squats with bad technique!! They are dangerous!!

✔No Magic Exercises! — There are no magic exercises! It’s the ability of a professional to start with the person and find the right prescription, for them! Yes, we can do this in the group setting! We have things like TRX, battle ropes, landmine trainers, sleds, bands, dumbells, slideboards, kettlebells, etc. They are tools…..They DO NOT make the program!!

✔Start Slower than you think you have to=> Build a Foundation — Most Programs start off too fast and leave their members injured. Or they make fast progress just to hit a plateau.

✔Full Body workouts , Not Body Part Splits + Core Multi Joint Exercises– More efficient. Burn more calories. Proven to work better for people with busy schedules. Some programs use the body part split method to sell you. It’s easier to sell someone on ab day, arm day, booty day, gastrocnemius day(maybe not), plyo day, etc. …..It does not work.   What happens when you miss a day at these places? You end up with a month full of arm days! Not good!

The truth is that pushup is working your triceps more than the isolation exercise you choose for triceps! That squat replaces 4 machines. If you “feel” the isolation exercise more it does not mean it’s better. If you are after T-Ball trophies instead of results  there are plenty of places for you! RPT is not one of them!

✔Recovery and Stress Management . Lifestyle – Yeah, kind of a big deal!

✔Exercise to Fit into YOUR lifestyle, NOT exercise becoming your life 

Keeping the Goal the Goal– Being there for your kids. Playing with your grandkids. Enjoying a vacation knowing you can do anything you want. Having more confidence and Energy to attack life. Exercise is a part of something much bigger!

The TEAM at RPT will CHANGE THE LIVES of the people who will change our community.That is my Why. We have done this Since 2011. If you need a lifestyle change (instead of another fad chain gym or “workout”) HIT REPLY or text 757 589 7028.

More than Exercise,

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist


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