Who We ARE Begins With Who We Are NOT.

Well THIS is exciting!  Look at you here!  Reading our “About Us” page, so now, we know, our efforts here aren’t in vain:)  We try hard.  

Yes, yes, we know what they say about assumptions.  They make a ‘you-know-what’ out of you, and me.  But since this is still a 1-way conversation, we have to assume you’re interested in changing your life, perhaps more specifically, your health, fitness, or weight in some way.  

And (…gulp, another assumption) if we’ve gotten this far, and your browsing brought you here, you may be wondering:  Are we “the One” for you?  Are we the best partner for you, as you enter a new client/fitness provider Relationship?  

Until now, you may have identified your goal as LOOKING Better.  And Sure, Yes, looking better has undeniable benefits.  But let’s be honest, if you look terrible, but still FEEL great in every sense, you probably wouldn’t be looking for a change.  So we’ll put looks to the side for a moment, and we can talk about that later and in more detail, if you wish.  Because in our view, it starts with how you FEEL.   It also, all too often ENDS, with how you feel.  And frankly, we don’t want to be another failed fitness relationship:(

So we’ll just go ahead and address the elephant in the room.  We’re not hiding that guy!.  The client/gym relationship.  It is, hands down, one of the most ill fated, if not THE most pre-doomed relationship in existence on this planet.  Most fitness client/gym relationships end within months, weeks, days, or sometimes, after the mere thought.  Of those that don’t promptly end, many are sham relationships.  The kind where nobody says, “I want that!”  The parties live separate lives, never see each other, and add very little to each other’s well being.  It’s sad.  We hate it.  Failed relationships are literally, the worst.

So we’ll just tell you.  A quick breakup…a sham relationship…That’s not going to help either of us.  But it WILL happen if we’re not straight shooters here.  No games (…swallowing pride)…You, Yes YOU, have all the bargaining power.  And we know, we KNOW you’ve got lots of suitors.  

And all we can really do, is tell you who WE are, and hope you’ll listen.  Now this is where we get a little brazen, because we don’t want to “sell” you, or “sell” anything in fact.  So we’ll start by telling you Who we are NOT.  We try to be Straight Shooters, and Full Disclosure.  Because that’s what every healthy relationship needs from the get go.  It’s really the only way you can decide if we’re the best “Who” for you.

Who We NOT.

We’ll get straight to the point.

We are NOT a commercial gym.  We’ve worked at them.  Though our experience, and background, is much much more than big commercial gym training (as you’ll see below, if you stick around to read “Who We Are”:), we spent years there in an employee capacity.  To be fair, they have their benefits, and are the right “partner” for some.  But to us, our years spent working at commercial gyms taught us what we did NOT want our business to become.   

We are not a “hardcore” workout center that pushes clients to the point of injury.  We don’t use aggressive push tactics that ignore common sense wellness practices.  To us, every session should be ended with a healthy client, one without injuries, as that client will be prepared to come back the next day, or the next, stronger than ever, and ready to push their goals and improve, achieving the Results upon which we’ve named our business.

We are also NOT another group class.  We don’t bounce around to music (unless we’re trying to dance) and we don’t wear designer leotards and act like ballerinas at a ballet bar.  Though there are benefits of such classes, for sure, we’ve just gotta tell ya.  That’s not who we are.  We won’t love you for an hour then leave you, without a care in the world if you return in the days to follow.  

We’ve said NO to all of the above.  And the following:

  • We are not a gym that will take your money without getting to know you.  We will notice if you miss a session.  And we won’t cash your checks without checking the pulse on our performance, which is directly measured by YOUR results.

  • We are not your run of the mill Group Class.  We don’t care how stylish your outfit is.  We don’t care what group of friends you run in.  We.  Only.  Care.  About.  YOU.  In our world, the “group class” is turned into group personal training.

  • Our trainers are not focused on or incentivized by sales.  Our trainers are focused on RESULTS.  They, like us, believe in our ability to change lives, and help clients meet THEIR goals, NOT our sales goals.

  • We do not applaud, nor do we condone unsafe pushing of personal or physical limits in the face of injury.  An injured client, is a missing, or at a minimum, less productive client.  If you’re injured, progress towards your goals is stalled.  Which also means our goal progress, of helping attain results be the best YOU you can be, is also stalled.

At the risk of sounding sappy, we can’t say it any other way.  We’ve dedicated our lives to health and fitness.  We are literally, in this, to CHANGE LIVES.  Leading us to….

Who We ARE.

We didn’t wake up one day, and just decide to open a gym.  Believe it or not, that’s all too often how it goes with training facilities and especially big commercial gyms.  But no, to the contrary, this has been a LIFE choice, and a lifestyle for us since our footloose and fancy-free days of youth (which was long enough ago that we’ve got street cred, but no so long ago that we’re fossils who need to be retired:).

We consider ourselves educators, and for good reason actually!  Stepping out of the “we” box for a moment, Results Performance Training was founded by Detric ___ ( that’s Meee!), a Kinesiology graduate of VCU.  You’ll see me, and get to know me well soon, I hope:)

But Results Performance Training is a team endeavor.  The team of the Client (You!) and Us.  But also the Team behind Us.  And suffice it to say, we are a wealth of health experiences.  Meaning, we’ve done it all.   Some of those we’re most proud of being as follows:

  • We are more than “Trainers”!  Yes.  We’ve worked with college and professional athletes alike.  But our experiences, and OUR FOCUS, goes beyond that of your average athletic trainer.  Be advised…We have lofty goals.  College and Pro Athletes are Easy.  We want to do more, and BE more.  And the fact is, it TAKES more to Change the (Your!) World.

  • We are Educators.  Literally.  From teaching PE in elementary and high school, to teaching older clients how to engage in healthy exercises safely, we have an “information is power” mentality, and we want to help you learn, and UNDERSTAND how to maintain your results OUTSIDE the gym days and hours.

  • We are Coaches.  Please, SERIOUSLY, call us “Coach” anytime, and you’ll see us beam with pride.  As former coaches of various sports (strength and conditioning, track, football) we all share a love of teaching, and helping to push our “students” if you will, to achieve their best through concentrated efforts.

  • We are Students.  We’ve taken the courses, we’ve got the certifications, some of them being college degrees in fields related to our services.

  • We are Volunteers., providing charitable and civic services, including strength and conditioning sessions in a volunteer capacity at VCU.

  • We are Workers. (we’ve all spent years in this field, many of us also having prior employment experience at private and personal training studios from which many of our principles were derived).

  • We are Learners. Specifically, we’ve learned through experience working at Commercial Gyms what we DON’T want to be!  Of course, we’ve also learned from our many positive experiences.  And we will listen, and learn from you, and hopefully learn a few things together too!

We know you can read.  But put another way, we’ve worked with all skill levels, from 5 year olds to professional athletes.  And we’ve loved it all.  Hey, Diversity is the spice of life! But it’s also a good indicator to YOU that we’ve seen and done A LOT over the years, so whatever your status and goals are, we’ll be ready, eager, and able to lead you to RESULTS.

With that, here’s what we provide, in a nutshell.

Monotony can be the kiss of death in a relationship.  We promise not to leave you bored.  With us, you WILL enjoy variety, surprises, and new adventures every step of the way.

We’re not quitters.  And we don’t let our partners (or, clients:) quit easily, either.  We believe any relationship in which you choose to invest your time, should be one that pushes you to be better, and the best YOU that you can be.  Because that pushes us to be our best, too!  So no, we won’t stalk you:)  But we will notice if you miss a session.

If you help us help you, it will CHANGE your life.  It won’t always be easy.  But what’s easy if it’s worth having?  Good things take hard work!  Together, we’ll work hard to help YOU work hard, to transform bad habits, your body, your mind, and your life.

We’ve said it once.  We’ll say it again.  And Again.  And Again.

We will NOT take your money without focusing our attention on YOU, and without holding ourselves accountable to help you reach your goals.  What that means, is that money you invest, will result in a return to YOU.  Our trainers won’t push sales.  We won’t blindly collect your payments and not know (or care)  if you’re not showing up.  With us, you’ll get back what you give, in the form of a new, healthier, happier-feeling, better YOU.

Put simply, our people are the best.  Birds of a feather flock together.  What that means is that we only hire like minded individuals who share our philosophy, and who like us, have the training, education, and knowledge qualifying them to render advice, and to further our mission.  That mission being, help YOU make YOU the best YOU you can be.  We want to change the (YOUR) world.  And through our results, you feeling better, fitter, stronger, and more confident, will do exactly that.

Are We The “Who” For You?

So now we’ve told you Who are ARE.  Who we are NOT.  But you also need to know, before entering any relationship….are your GOALS aligned with OUR method of delivering RESULTS.

We are a nutrition, transformation, life change facility.  We focus as much, or MORE, on your 23 hours OUTSIDE the gym as we do your hour in the gym. Transformation, requires a Life Change.  It requires an ongoing relationship, between YOU, and your fitness plan.

Group classes.  Big gyms, fad diets, the newest fitness trends….these all likely focus more on how you look than how you feel or live.  Looks are important, yes.  But behavior, choices, lifestyle….these are LIFE CHANGING.  And we choose to be about life change, and feeling better, as opposed to just looks.  After all, relationships based purely on looks, those guys are destined to end.  Ironically, that’s often where we come in.  When a client’s relationship with a big gym, fad diet, or other fitness trend has ended.  And when they’re ready for a change, a true, life, change.

We are Educators. Coaches. And so much more.  We will coach you up when you need it.  And we will hold you accountable, when you need it. And we are here, to Transform Lives.

If you want to change yours, and if, based on the above, you believe we could be a good fit, we’d love to help.  We are ready.  To commit.  If you are.