RPT is about more than doing a few squats and pushups!!! Our goal is to change the community…just like you!!

In order for this to happen we need to know about YOU! So..

What are you passionate about?

What businesses do you own or work for?

Organizations you belong to?

How can we help you grow your business or following?

Schools? Fundraisers? Charity? Non Profits?

In most cases I “kind of” know what you do. But I don’t really understand? So my ultimate goal is for you to….

A. Respond to this email with more details and/or

B. Lets set up a quick talk at the studio. Or a quick talk over coffee or lunch(I promise I won’t judge you???? I love my green tea!)

You are crazy busy right?! I get it! Just sit back and let us do most of the work for you?! It takes a team. Most of you just see our trainers and admin team. We also have a lot of “behind the scenes” help!

We can think outside the box! We have done…

  • Speeches for local organizations
  • Free sessions or charity nights where the money goes back to a good cause
  • Youth scholarship sessions/working with schools and coaches
  • Discounted sessions for local organizations
  • Featured Facebook and IG Post 
  • Donations for Silent Auctions
  • Of course we share your info on our community board at the studio!
  • Much more!!!

I am also looking for a few businesses to feature under the endorsements section of our NEW BOOK ! Coming in a few weeks! This comes with quite a few FREE BOOKS for you and those you serve!!! (Current or Former Members only for this. FREE Marketing for you?!)

Time to get YOUR message out to the Burg and Beyond! HIT REPLY with more info about what you are passionate about! Or maybe you know someone else I can connect with? HIT REPLY so we can work together to CHANGE LIVES!




P.S- This is not just for our current members! We have had business owners make enough money off of our referrals to pay for their training!