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☑️ You need a wake-up call?!

☑️ Fat Loss Programs 

Special Offers

FREE 1 on 1 Consultation/Success Session  for Personal Training 

FREE TRIAL Session for Group Personal Training 

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 ☑️ You need a wake-up call ?!

This email might save a few of  you….

Don’t wait to have a health scare before you take your health seriously. 

You are not staying the same. Every single day your health is  getting a little better, or a little worse. Time flies. You will wake up one morning and say…..

I used to be able to  ___! What happened?


Wow! Now I am able to ____ because I have been working out at RPT.. :) 

You are in control of your health. Your health will deteriorate if you fail to take action.  

Review your daily habits to see where you will be  in  5, 10, 15, 20 plus years?  This can be scary. But scary enough now to force action is better than waiting and losing your health. 

This activity might be the difference between a life in pain and sickness, or being able to enjoy the little things. Might be the difference between seeing your kids and grandchildren grow up, or not seeing them grow up. 

The  30- 40 crowd might be struggling with a few extra pounds, lack of energy,  and minor joint issues from doing nothing over the past decade. Your struggles now are nothing compared to what is going to happen in 15-20 years if you don’t start taking care of yourself. 

The  50-60 crowd  can look around and see two types of  people. One is kicking ass,  taking names, and ready for the next 20-30 years . The other is having a hard time getting off their ass because they neglected their health. 

It’s never too late to make a change. The best time to change is NOW. Now is much easier than in the future. 

Nothing is guaranteed except for the fact that your habits will catch up with you. Are you ready to make a change? Need help?

☑️ Fat Loss Programs! 

Are you looking to drop 10,20,30+ pounds without resorting to fad diets or extreme exercise ? 

Tired of lacking energy and confidence? 

Don’t have time to spend hours on top of hours in the gym?

Tired of  being locked into long contracts ?

Need accountability and attention that big gyms can not provide?

If this sounds like you then email “special offers” to get more information on our services. Or text 757 589 7028 with “special offers” 

We can combine realistic exercise programs with nutrition guidance to help you reach your goals. Different programs to fit your budget and crazy busy schedule! 

Interested in getting started? Email us at [email protected] or text SPECIAL OFFERS to 757 589 7028 (or call) for more information about our services – 1 on 1 training, semi private 1 trainer for 3-5 people, or our Group Fitness. In person and virtual options. 

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach 

Owner, Results Performance Training

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