Thanks for expressing interest! I am going to put myself in your shoes, while wearing my shoes:) So, basically I am going to get right to the point. I think. You want to know the prices, and to know how we are different from the other places. They are all the way at the bottom (please read though:) We are all going to say “hey we are the best”. I say ” we are either the best fit for you, or not a good fit at all” The link below will tell you more about us  and how we do things….

I want to know… what are YOUR goals?! The problem with all of these gyms is that they sell ……

access to equipment

or a one size fits all group class

or make you pay for a bunch of sessions you don’t use

or pay for a membership for services you don’t use!

We are the perfect fit for people who want to be held accountable. We are the perfect fit for those who don’t fit in well at all of these hardcore fitness places that have everyone doing the same thing. Even if they are coming in with injuries, or have not worked out in years. So we know when to push you. More important.…..we know how to help you build a foundation and create a lifestyle change! We Create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable doing it! You see most of these places only work for people who are already in shape! or have hours on top of hours to workout each week!

So in regards to prices its based on your goals, schedule, and budget. That is why we need to talk.  You don’t pay for what you are not using. I have worked at commercial gyms and their entire business model is based on memberships…AKA people who never show!!! We only stay in business if we find the people who are the right fit for us. I hope that is you!  I want happy members! I want to create an atmosphere where people stay (and tell their friends:)

We have 3 different services… group, semi private, and personal training. There is no membership fee before you even start training with us! Group ranges from $8 to $15 per session based on if you go with a contract or no contract. Semi private is 25.99 per session. This is basically groups of 3 to 6 people. Personal ranges from $60 to $65 per session. We have themes for our semi private such as …… ageing, youth, etc. Basically we are not going to throw you in a group without knowing you are able to keep up. We set you up for success! We also have some trial offers going on now for group ($69 for first 28 days, $150 for 6 weeks of training plus nutrition manual)…….We do not expect you to sign a contract before trying us out!

Another reason I want to talk (or meet in person which works better) is because unlike all these gyms we add a ton of value with our services….nutrition, accountability check-ins, assessments, education, and much much more!

The best place is to start with the no charge success session. Simply send me a text at 757 589 7028  or email . My assistant Heather will also be sending over some times open to meet with me. Now unlike these big huge gyms who have sales teams, we don’t have that. I am not an owner who just sells. I am on the that training floor with my staff of trainers helping people!  So its best to set up an appointment if you think we might be a good fit. We can avoid the phone tag or you showing up to the studio when we are busy. I want to give you the attention you deserve!

And the most important thing……..ask me questions! please! We are here to help people first!