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12 Critical Steps to Cut Calories at Restaurants


Who doesn’t love going out to eat? You get amazing food and there are no dishes to wash! Of course, if you’re trying to lose weight, dining out can be a major challenge. Whether you enjoy fast-casual, fine dining, or you’re settling for fast food, there are far more calories in each meal than you might realize.


Does that mean you need to stop eating out altogether? Not at all! We’ve compiled 12 tips to help you cut calories at your favorite restaurants so you can dine out without the guilt (or extra calories going to your waistline). The first 6 today, then 6 more next week.


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1. Don’t Order Spur of the Moment

The first tip may be the hardest. Don’t order spur of the moment. If you wait until you get to the restaurant to decide what you want, hunger is going to pull you in the direction of whatever sounds the best and filling (which also equates to calorie-heavy). What’s the alternative? Check out the restaurant’s website beforehand and decide what you want before you get there. This also gives you time to estimate the number of calories in your dish, and come up with a plan to make options healthier, like ordering baked or grilled instead of fried.


2. Don’t Be Too Hungry 

Why shouldn’t you go to the restaurant hungry? Well, being hungry is fine, but avoid dining out when you’re ravenous. That leads to overeating. You don’t need to eat a full meal before you go, but something low-calorie and healthy to take the edge off your appetite would be a good idea.


3. Be Careful with Your Appetizers

You could make an entire meal out of appetizers (don’t – they’re usually super calorie-heavy). However, we urge you to use caution here. Whether you’re downing Buffalo wings, an order of fried cheese, or gorging on creamy artichoke dip, each appetizer has more calories than you might realize. Exercise caution here. Saying that, some apps can fill you up without the same calorie count as an entrée, so this may be a healthy alternative.


4. Go for Veggies, Not the Salad

Conventional wisdom says that salads are healthy. And they would be except for that delicious, fat-laden dressing dripping off it all. Often, salads can be far from the light fare you think they are, so opt for a side of veggies with your entrée instead of the salad. If you’re locked into the salad, order the dressing on the side and choose something like oil and vinegar.


5. Buddy Up

Restaurants today serve large portions. VERY large portions. In fact, two people could eat quite comfortably from one plate. That’s actually our fifth tip – buddy up! Splitting a plate (or just eating only half and taking the other half home) lets you enjoy the flavors you love without all the calories.


6. Say No to Extras

Parmesan cheese, that extra pat of honey-butter, a quick dip in mayo – they’re all delicious, but they’re also ways to hide extra calories in a meal. Skip the extras to spare your waistline.


That’s it for now – make sure to check out our upcoming newsletter where we’ll cover the next 6 critical steps to cut calories at your favorite restaurants!


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