Do you want to Look and Feel Great ? Do you want fitness to fit into your busy life?

Results Performance Training is perfect for those who…

  • Need accountability and guidance that big gyms can not provide.

  • Tired of unqualified personal trainers, that lack experience.

  • Tired of overcrowded group classes that don’t provide the attention you need.

  • Tired of pushy sales tactics used by big gyms.

  • Tired of gyms that don’t provide guidance for the other 23 hours when you leave the gym.

  • Tired of following , or not being able to follow, strict diets.

  • Tired of places that push too hard, too soon, causing injuries during training.

  • Tired of signing up for a gym, and paying for sessions/time you are not even using.

  • Tired of too much information, making it hard to take action towards your fitness goals.

  • Not trying to turn into a bodybuilder, cross-fitter, or fitness model? Just want to be healthy and fit!

  • Need a plan that fits into their busy lifestyle.

Does it feel like you have tried everything ? And have nothing to show for it? If you are serious about getting results, you are in the right place.  You are here because fitness means more than 6 pack abs. Fitness means …..

  • Keeping up with your kids and grand-kids.

  • Getting off medication.

  • Removing minor aches and pains, so you can move without pain.

  • Preventing weight gain, and strength/balance loss, that comes with ageing if you do nothing fitting back into your clothes.

  • Having the confidence to book that vacation, knowing you will enjoy it, without holding your family back.

  • Being healthy enough to enjoy the precious moments that life has to offer.

  • Getting back to, or still being able to, enjoy your favourite activities (golf? gardening? biking?).

  • Having the energy to attack goals that are not fitness related.


You are probably tired of waking up each morning , looking in the mirror and seeing a shell of the physique you once had…despite your effort? You are successful in other areas of your life, but can’t figure fitness out?!

You have finally reached the point where you are willing to ask for help. OR  maybe you realize the overnight certified trainer who lacks experience will not work for you? 

The truth is, what used to work, will not work anymore. The truth is, you are copying the wrong people. Stop copying people who have a lifestyle where they can live in the gym. The truth is, you don’t have to live in the gym, to get results. 

You have to work hard, but you have to work smart. We are not like the places pushing extreme workouts, with a lot of competition. The truth is, these places are causing injuries with unsafe practices. They are popular. They work for some. But they do not work for the person we work with best.  We help you build a foundation, to develop a lifestyle change. We stay away from fads.

We have been serving Williamsburg since 2011. I have been training people just like you since 2001. We are not a gym that was opened by a “business person” who lacks training experience. Our foundation is built around my background. My background as a Trainer + Teacher + Coach. A little about me….

Detric Smith, Owner of Results Performance Training
BS Kinesiology from VCU
American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer


Our training staff makes fitness simple, so you can take action, make progress towards your goals. Fitness does not have to consume your life , in order to improve it. We help you implement a few simple actions, that become habits. Fitness will be like brushing your teeth, after working with us. It will become an automatic part of your day. 

By investing in your health, you improve EVERY area of your life! Better Parent, Boss, co-worker, spouse, community member. It will help you manage stress. The improved confidence and energy will carry over to every area of your life! 

We offer something more valuable than information. We provide accountability. You will also join a Fitness Community like no other. Our members will become family. Our members also believe in making our Community better


Customized workouts based on your goals, schedule, budget, previous exercise history, injury history, and much more! After we talk we will know which program is the best fit for you! 

We offer  group personal training, semi- private training , personal training, and online coaching. 

Customized Nutrition  I do not expect you to eat like a bodybuilder to reach your goals. You don’t have to! The truth is , those plans do not work long term. We take you from A to B to C, not A to Z back to A again. Our plans get results, that last. They are not fad diets. Even if you travel, not the best cook, you can follow our plans. You will be able to enjoy a night out with friends, and still reach your fitness goals. Remember, we make fitness a part of your life. This is why our members get results that last. 

WE PROVIDE ACCOUNTABILITY! – When work and life get busy , who tells you to go to the gym now? This might be the biggest difference maker! The truth is, big gyms make money from signing you on for long contracts. They don’t expect you to show, they will not be checking on you when you miss. 

You are not a good fit if you are looking for overnight results. If you are not willing to put in the work . If you quit the second things get rough. BUT if you can follow 2-4 efficient , FUN, workouts per week. And follow some guidelines we give you for off days. You will get results! That is a promise! Check out what our members have to say below…..

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