Why a FREE Success Session Puts Your Best Foot Forward


The best thing you can do for yourself before getting started with fitness is to understand how and why. 


Think about it this way – you wouldn’t buy a new car without checking it out, test driving it, and getting all the information possible. 


Why would your fitness journey be any different? 


At Results Performance Training, we aim to provide the best value for our clients by discussing the how and why of fitness. How can we create a schedule that works around your busy life? 


Put your best foot forward by discussing your fitness and overall health goals with our qualified team. 


Not sure how to get started? In this post, we are going to break down everything you need to know about utilizing a FREE Success Session. 


Addressing The Problem(s)

The process of physical training is inherently unsuccessful – and we wanted to change that. By our assessment, we see five main problems that hold people back from achieving their goals. 


1. Push-Through Sales Gyms

We don’t want to talk down about other gyms – but some of them take a priority on sales over client satisfaction. The push-through sales strategy of getting as many memberships as possible is one we do not want to be a part of. 


Our clients use RPT because they trust and value our staff and community. 


2. Injury Potential

The fast and loud approach to weight loss training can have a significant impact on injury. Injury avoidance is not just about strength, but also a combination of mobility drills, nutrition and mindset when performing lifts – this is something most gyms skip out on, but we do not. 


3. Lack of Time

Most people lead a very busy life. Work 9-5, cook dinner, take the kids to sports – where is the time for yourself? Finding a system that takes a lack of time into account is essential in your health and fitness goals. 


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4. Lack of Support

Scanning your card at the front desk and getting a smile is not support. Unfortunately, support is not a priority in many big-box gyms. 


5. Unqualified Trainers

The last problem that most people face when accomplishing their goals is putting their trust in unqualified trainers. Weekend-certified or online trainers are very green and may not have the experience or know how to factor in the complexity of your lifestyle and fitness goals. 


Not to worry – we observe the problems and create solutions that lead to success in every facet of your life. 


Finding The Solution(s)

Finding the solution involves asking simple questions – but implementing the solution in complex and ever-changing ways. No one problem has a set solution for every person. 


Your training program will look different than the person next to you. Your problems are unique, your solutions are unique and your training program is unique. 


Remember: all of these solutions are dealt with during a FREE Success Session



  • Working Around Your Budget
  • Understanding Your Injuries
  • Utilizing Your Schedule



So what’s a success session all about?


What is A Success Session? 

This is not a typical sit-down and sell conversation that you may be used to. There’s a reason we call it a FREE Success Session – we’re not interested in the sale. 


We are, however, very interested in creating the most successful solution for you and your fitness goals. 


Here’s how we do it: 


Step 1: Understanding Blockades

The process of getting starting can certainly be challenging. What’s your budget? When do you have time to train? What’s your overall schedule look like?


Before we even get into your training program or nutrition habits we must make sure we can create a solution that works around the blockades that you have in your life. 


Not to worry – everyone has things that get int the way of their fitness and we are here to help. 

Step 2: Evaluate Nutrition Habits

Fitness will take you pretty far (especially with a good program) but nutrition is vital to achieving your goals. Ensuring we understand what foods are inherently good and bad for your progress is essential. 


In step 2 we discuss how you can optimize your diet with clean protein sources, wholesome foods and things to avoid when improving your diet. 


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Step 3: Deep-dive Injury Prevention

Injuries are one of the biggest problems that plague most gyms. To solve this problem we deep-dive into past injuries and complete a full assessment on every client to see if there could be any physical restrictions holding your body back from training at a high intensity. 


Step 4: Explain Different Gym Community Groups

At RPT we don’t just throw you to the wolves. Our gym has several different styles of training. From 1 on 1 to semi-private to group training there is a solution that gets you into a group with likeminded people, on your budget and your schedule. We even have virtual and online coaching options now!


Bonus: Free Trial Week & FREE Book

Last, but certainly not least, we offer a FREE trial week to test out your new fitness program, meet our community and get a copy of our  FREE Book that helps break down health and fitness into a bite-sized accomplishable process. 


Get Started

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, now is the best time to get started. Click the link below, fill out the form and come into the gym whenever you want. Let’s sit down and discuss your goals and how we can help. 


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