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Is It Holding You Back From Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

Is It Holding You Back From Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

Is It Holding You Back From Reaching Your Fitness Goals?

Hurt All The Time?!

Are You Always Hurt?

Is it holding you back from reaching your fitness goals?

Today we plan to dive into a few tips that will allow you to work out if you are dealing with pain.

Should I Workout or Not? What Should My Workouts Include?

The answer is usually yes. Of course, if it’s a serious injury then you need to consult with a doctor. You might need to take a little time off.

You have to be smart with your workouts! You need a well-balanced plan that includes:


Never skip the warm-up! Some of these 20-year-olds can get away with it, but you will not. Get your heart rate up a bit and include some dynamic mobility and flexibility exercises. It should not be very long. It does not hurt to include a little foam rolling or other forms of soft tissue work.

Flexibility and Mobility

Yeah, the stuff that a lot of you hate to do! If you have skipped this for years, it will catch up with you!


Get a personal trainer to review your technique to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly!

Progression Scheme

I can guarantee an injury if you go from nothing to hardcore beatdown workouts! Some of these workouts are very popular but lead to injuries.

Day-to-Day Activities and Posture

Most people get hurt doing activities around the house or doing repetitive movements with bad technique. Some of them go on to blame that workout they are not even doing 🙂 Be cautious with all movements. Moving that furniture or cleaning is just as dangerous if you ignore proper technique.

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You Need Strength Training!

Some of you become afraid of strength training when you get hurt. Most of you are hurt because you are weak! You still need to include resistance training. Invest in a fitness professional to make sure you have great technique! Make sure you are doing the correct movements for your body.

Am I Just Getting Old?

Getting old is a great problem! The joints might not be the same as decades ago. I meet with older people who have been active and those who have not. It’s a BIG difference! The answer is always to get moving if you want to continue to do the things you have always done!

How Can RPT Help Me Transition into an Exercise Plan?

We can help you design a workout program that is perfect for your body type. We always start with a no-charge consultation and assessments to find the real problem. We have three services that will help you find the right fit and transition:

  • 1 on 1 training
  • Semi-private groups of 2 to 5 people
  • Group personal training

We have smaller groups that allow us to focus on technique and coach you through movements designed for your body.

Text 757-589-7028 or email [email protected] to set up your free consultation and trial session.