28 day Transformation product WITH  FREE CONSULT PHONE/OR IN PERSON(2016 version) — EBOOK ONLY $10

(Valued at $30)

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For first time members (not combined with other trial offers) interested in the boot camp we opened up the GROUPON for the first and last time this year…They sell out FAST! 

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One time one on one session + 30 min one on one consultation(nutrition/goal setting/assessment) + Program Design Follow up Email —– ONLY 65.99

(Valued at $200)

Makes for the perfect Holiday Gift!

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Metabolic Reboot Program (FOR FIRST TIME MEMBERS ONLY) ONLY 69.99 for………

28 days of training (about 12 sessions)
30 min goal setting and nutrition consultation
unlimited assessments
access to our red light/green light system, accountability programs, level system and education

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First session for Semi- Private Training Session (only $20)

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Active Ageing – No Charge one on one success session + 10% off Coupon.

Email [email protected] for FREE SUCCESS SESSION TO LEARN MORE OR TEXT 757 589 7028 to set up a phone consultation to learn more


**All Results Performance Training apparel will be on sale at the studio!