If your doctor or pharmacist told everyone to take robitussin regardless of the medical condition/injury would you take them serious? Would you take a car salesperson serious if they said “here is the car for you!!!” BEFORE asking about your needs?!

Why would you take a fitness “professional” serious if they throw you in a program BEFORE  understanding your needs? Goals? Concerns? Why would you blindly follow a diet plan that is not based on your specific needs?

It makes me sick to my stomach to see places throw a million people in a room without knowing anything about them! Running on a treadmill will injure some ( gajillion) people,  work for others. It will not work better than metabolic strength training.  Getting up and down off the floor is the workout for one person. Easy for the next. Jumping on a box might work for, never mind, that won’t work for anyone. It’s just for show.  To make it seem like certain workout places are cool and fun. If getting injured is cool and fun then do box jumps or a bunch of stupid combo exercises with bad technique.

NOTE: I program box jumps for less than 1% of the people we serve. They are called youth athletes who I have been training for a while. 

The examples of how we prescribe exercise at RPT are endless! Maybe you had a crazy stressful week so I adjust the program to match your ability to recover. Maybe you have a shoulder issue and I replace pushing with more rows? Maybe you have a low back issue and I realize your hips are tight. We can set up a plan specific to your needs!  Maybe you have not worked out in a decade and we transition you from personal, to semi private, to group? Maybe you have been training with the group for a while and add in 2 to 4 semi private strength days per month? We might recommend a few small changes to your nutrition or supplement plan to help you stay on track? Everyone is different! This is OK!!

If someone takes your money before knowing your……..


what motivates you to reach those goals?

your previous exercise history? 

Last time you were consistent? what types of exercise were you doing?

Days you can commit to training? in person vs ONLINE coaching?

Injuries or medical conditions?

budget for training? 

If you prefer group? semi- private? or personal?

people you like to train with?

best and worst experience at previous gyms?

If you are sitting on the fence about RPT reply with an answer to those questions. I will respond with the service that I feel is the best fit for you! And the price! I will not be selling you a product before I know you!!! I will also offer a no charge one on one success session, and then let you try it for no charge first. I respect your time. My goal Is NOT to have a million members. My goal is to have an impact on your life that you will never forget. If we enter into a fitness relationship it requires a lot of work, for both of us.

Go send the answers to those questions above to a commercial gym. They will respond with …“well, we have our contract for a year in which you have access to all of this equipment. None of which you know how to use. When you miss we don’t care one bit!  If you need any help you will have to pay an additional arm and/or leg for that. We will then match you up with an overnight certified trainer who could care less about you! So are you ready to sign up?!- Said every gym salesperson ever

If you are a current member tell me if you need to set up a consultation to set new goals. Also remember to FORWARD THIS EMAIL OVER TO FRIENDS to get some points for our September Contest! If you are just starting up with us. USE US! ASK QUESTIONS!

We have coaches. We have teachers. We have leaders. We have proven that we can get results for Williamsburg residents since 2011

If your current lifestyle is heading in the wrong direction we are here for you. For most of you doing nothing will lead to a life full of aches, pains, low energy, and disease. You have the ability to add years to your life. You have the ability to improve the quality of your life. You have the ability to be a positive role model for your kids. It starts with making a decision. When you are ready HIT REPLY OR SEND A TEXT TO 757 589 7028 so our team  can help!


Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

P.S- Stay tuned for our Book to be released in a few weeks! We plan to give away some FREE COPIES to some of you on our newsletter!