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☑️ 6 simple holiday nutrition tips to stay on track
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☑️6 simple holiday nutrition tips to stay on track


The holiday season is stuffed with temptations galore… it might seem inevitable you’ll veer into a giant sugar crash- but don’t give up hope! You can celebrate and stay on track at the same time.



Try these tips to stay healthy while enjoying the holiday spirit:




1. Fill your plate with protein and veggie dishes! Protein and fiber will help you feel full so you’re less inclined to keep snacking on carb-heavy dishes and desserts. 



2. Practice portion control. There’s no need to deprive yourself of every holiday favorite, but be mentally prepared to fully enjoy a small serving, instead of heaping your plate from the get-go.



3. Don’t skip meals! It might seem smart to save all your calories for one big meal, but you’re likely to binge eat when you’re starving. You might even want to have a protein-rich snack before a big holiday meal.



4. Eat slowly and mindfully. Savor each bite. Pay attention to all the flavors and sensations you experience. It takes about 20 minutes to start feeling full, so eating slowly allows satiety to settle in before you slam a bunch of calories down. Plus, it helps you deeply enjoy your meal!


5. Limit your alcohol consumption. The less sober you are, the more likely you are to develop a case of the munchies… and you’ll be tempted to eat off your hangover! Alcohol also dumps a load of empty calories on your daily intake, so set a goal to relish just a drink or two, and stick to water after.



6. Focus on the spirit of the holidays, not just the food! Before you go to a gathering, think about your intentions. If you arrive ready to focus on human connection, good conversations, sharing laughter and beautiful memories, you’ll be less fixated on food.



There are so many ways to celebrate the holidays without diving into an extended caloric overload. If you maintain a balanced approach to the indulgent season, you’ll reap the rewards of feeling more energized, healthy, and proud of yourself for staying on track!


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