Client Story: Chris Hailey

When asked what one word would be used to describe his first year with us at Results Performance Training, Chris says the word “transformative” comes to mind. On June 28th, Chris celebrates his anniversary of one year of being with us. In this past year, he’s lost weight, dropped his pants size to a number he hasn’t seen since he was in his twenties, and has gained strength and endurance that he says goes beyond his expectations.

Becoming a “Gym Rat”

A self-proclaimed “middle aged, non-athlete,” Chris is happy to say he has become a gym rat for a few hours out of his week. He looks forward to each workout as an opportunity to keep improving and keep transforming. His results are not purely physical, but emotional also. Chris shared that the transformation emotionally has led him from dreading exercise and feeling guilty when he inevitably failed to keep up with his goal to where he is today – a believer in the power of Results Performance Training and committed to reaching his goals and beyond.

His Journey Before RPT

“After many years of inconsistent commitment to exercising at home, I tried a well-known program that was great for some, but not appropriate to my needs. I ended my time with that program with a torn meniscus and a great deal of confusion about what to do next.”

It was during this time and over the next several years that Chris found himself gaining weight and feeling more self-conscious as time went by. Through following the advice of his doctor to cut carbs and increase his exercise, he did see some results. However, he was still not where he wanted to be, and he was ready to make a sustained commitment to his health.

It was this commitment that brought him to Results Performance Training, where he found support and a community.

The Difference of RPT

Unlike most exercise facilities that focus on getting people signed up and in the door, Chris found that RPT was unlike anywhere he’d been before.

“Detric has no interest in selling anything to anyone. He wants to understand each person’s story, and the journey that brought that individual to him. My first encounter with him was focused on the goals I felt were most important, the minor medical challenges I faced, and my desire to be part of a supportive community.”

Chris found that here at Results Performance Training, we put the individual first. Through working through minor injuries and preventing more serious injuries, our staff worked to modify certain exercises on an as needed basis for Chris.

“Detric’s concept of individual group training may sound counterintuitive, but I feel every day that the trainer is looking out for me throughout the forty-five minutes, encouraging constantly and correcting form when needed. Each of us in the room has individual goals that can be met through carefully monitored pacing and adaptation of the various exercises.”

His “Why”

For Chris, while he joined because he wanted to feel better overall, he also wanted to help create a healthier self for the long haul.

“My father developed Alzheimer’s in his mid- to late sixties, and I live in a certain amount of fear of that disease. Fitness was never anything that he really thought about. Today, it is clear that sustained physical activity is one part of staving off that part of aging.”

Now in his fifties, Chris has made exercise not only a part of his lifestyle, but a part of his future. He says that he doesn’t want to just fit into smaller clothes now, but wants to be active, healthy, and engaged for a few more decades.

We’re happy to support him during this journey and beyond!

As Chis wraps up his first year with us…he shares his thoughts:

“It has been a year, and I am transformed. I look better (according to unbiased sources), I feel stronger and more energetic, and I am confident that I can sustain my commitment to fitness for many years to come. I’ve even made new friends! There is a great sense of community at Results Performance Training. There are folks older than me, and some who are considerably younger, all with individual needs and objectives. What we share is a desire to encourage each other as we work on our own goals. It is the right place for me, and I will continue to work hard with the help of Detric, the trainers, and my workout pals toward ongoing transformation.”

If Chris’ story sounds like yours, or sounds like a story you’ve dreamt about, give us a call or send us a message today. We’re not about temporary results. We believe in helping you make habits in your life that lead to a sustainable and healthy routine and lifestyle change. Chris is a perfect example of what hard work and dedication can do for you.

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