One session will change your life?!

☑️ One session will change your life?!

☑️ The real difference maker? Attitude!

☑️ Moved in!! 

☑️ Your RPT anniversary!

☑️ Can you help by leaving a google review?

☑️ Special offers

☑️ One session will change your life?!


Yep, just one session! Let me explain! 

I realize a lot of you are afraid to commit because of concerns over time and money. So we have created a new program that combines our 1 on 1 training + program design services. 

It’s actually two sessions, because the first one is the FREE 1 on 1 Consultation. We talk over your goals , injuries, exercise history, everything. We will even give you advice on some cheap equipment for your house if you don’t have access to a gym. 

I will then get to work designing a program specifically for you. We will use the one time session to show you your exercises, make sure your technique is good, and explain all of the details. I encourage people to bring their phones and video us explaining your program. 

No contracts. No obligation to sign up for a million sessions before knowing if we are a good fit. 

Interested in learning more? Send me a text to 757 589 7028 or email us at [email protected]

☑️ The real difference maker? Attitude!

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”- Henry Ford 

Attitude is everything. Every transformation starts with an attitude adjustment. A few tips and things I have noticed over the years…

Surround yourself with positive people – 

The quickest way to improve your attitude is to surround yourself with positive people. Remove the negative complainers. 

Make sure you are around positive people who are chasing similar goals . Of course it helps to hire a qualified personal trainer to keep you on track! 

Think Big

Thinking big makes it easier to take big actions towards your goals. Just make sure you break those big goals into daily steps so you don’t get overwhelmed. Good trainers will help with this! 

Believe  and visualize success 

If you believe it, you can achieve it. I would highly recommend taking the time to visualize your goals. Write your goals down frequently.

Here at RPT you will be around a bunch of happy hard-working people who will support you every step of the way . No one will be judging what you can or can not do. We are all on the same team here at RPT. 

☑️ Moved in!! 

We are now at 1303 Jamestown Road in our new location! Stay tuned for our grand opening events!! 

☑️ Your RPT anniversary!

We want to celebrate with you! Remember to take your anniversary pics next time you are at the studio! Appreciate your support over the years!! 

☑️Can you help by leaving a google review?

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☑️ Special offers

FREE 1 on 1 Consultation/Success Session  for Personal Training 

FREE TRIAL Session for Group Personal Training


Email us at [email protected] or text 757 589 7028 for more information!

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P.S- Email us at [email protected] or Text 757 589 7028 to Get a Free consultation + Trial Session. Learn more about our Group Fitness, Small group, or 1 on 1 training services.

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