Today’s article is the equivalent of me going right into the finisher before I even give the announcements and warm up. So here it goes……

Metabolic Reboot Program=For those 40 and over=>

You are  telling me….

“I can’t do what I used to be able to do!”

“It’s not as easy as it used to be!”

I am listening, but listen to me for a second……

If you continue to focus on what you can’t do and complain about it, you will get more of that.  That is “The secret.”  Take that same negative energy and turn it positive and your life will change. I think you are in the middle of the most important physical/mental shift you will ever go through. Do nothing just to wake up 15 years later and be in a ROUGH situation! Trust me, it’s easy now compared to what it will be.

You need to  focus on what you can still do,  do it to the best of YOUR ability, consistently. If not YOU WILL lose it. You also need someone to tell you this is ok!! It’s ok to not be a super model! It’s ok to stop comparing yourself to someone’s highlights on facebook!! It’s ok to just be……YOU!! It is not ok to just sit there and do nothing! I am not lowering expectations. The problem is usually not your lack of going forward. It’s that you let yourself go backward at some point!!!

You are old enough to realize you will wake up one morning and  15 years are gone. Right now you are worried about not looking as good as you used to. You lack confidence. Hopefully no serious health issues at this point, but I see this also. You are of course in the perfect situation to still do something about it!! …Read that last sentence again. Because you are also old enough to know people who don’t have that opportunity at a do over. This life thing is like facing a Nolan Ryan fastball with only one strike before you are out……Get your act together or that thing will fly by!!

So if you are 45-ish and doing nothing take a sec to fast forward 15 years. Right now you are too busy with kids, helping parents, career, stress, all of it. I get it. Those complaints about not fitting into a swimsuit, or lacking confidence become….

Not being there for your kids, parents, grandkids

Not being able to enjoy retirement/vacations

lack energy to pursue and enjoy life 

Walking around in pain 

serious health issues

shortened life span

overall decrease in the quality of life

so how does this 36 year old guy know this?! I know this because every day I meet with those in our…….

Active Aging (60 and over) program=>

Some have been consistent with a routine.  Others have not been active in decades. But our programs can help anyone. …After we find the right one for you!! And this is why we don’t just throw people into a program without knowing anything about their needs and goals!!!

note to those in the metabolic reboot program(if you are still reading!)=> I, you, don’t have the same perspective and life experience to have the level of optimism, perspective, gratitude, or real regret as someone in our active aging program……it is, what it is. Learn from those who have experience you don’t have!!!

ok, back on topic….Now for those over 65 I have a few topics to bring up. I get it! kind of? ok, not one bit, but……….

When I sit across from people at the FREE SUCCESS SESSION I am trying to find your specific bottleneck. The bottleneck is that one area that is REALLY holding you back! Most people think they know, but they don’t. Below are a few things we discuss..

=>functional strength training vs. “bodybuilding” or “crossfit” or fads

=>group personal training vs. group class

=>(self )myofascial release and how it improves mobility and flexibility

=>how we improve mobility, which improve everything! less pain!

=>difference between mobility and flexibility

=> connection between strength and balance

=>cardiovascular work that does not pound the joints

=>real trainers vs fake overnight certified trainers

=>why every other group class in the area will injure you

=>strength training/maintaining muscle = quality of life 

=>we address body composition – nutrition 

=>an environment where you feel comfortable 

=>coaching the other 23 hours of the day-accountability

=>YOUR GOALS! YOUR GOALS!!… not a one size fits all program!!

=>how to work around injuries and make progress 

=>how to not pay for services you don’t use when you are on vacation enjoying retirement. forget the typical gym experience!!!

How to …..improve the length and quality of life so that you can enjoy the things that matter most to you! It is more than fat loss…….you get this!! And this is why I love nothing more than sitting across from you during the FREE CONSULTATION. You teach me more than I teach you most of the time???? And I am just over here listening. I get your needs. No other place in Williamsburg will come close to serving those over 60  better than us……that is a promise!

If you are ready to give our METABOLIC REBOOT  or ACTIVE AGING program a try then email, text, or call 757 589 7028 to get all the details!!Do me a favor and HIT REPLY to set up your FREE CONSULTATION with me!! You will regret it if you don’t!!

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C


P.S.- Don’t assume we are typical gym, group class, fad, overnight certified trainer or any of the other things you failed with in the past. We are for you! Call or text 757 589 7028 for a 5 minute call to get the details and/or set up your FREE ONE ON ONE SUCCESS SESSION!!