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☑️ The worst exercise is……

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☑️The worst exercise is……

This is hard to answer, but I will give you a few tips, guidelines and examples. 

The best exercise in the world is the worst exercise in the world, for someone-


Everyone who walks through our doors is different. It’s why we have the consultation, individualized programming, and tons of modifications to keep you going. Our members are never forced or pressured to do a specific exercise.


What is the Risk vs Reward of the exercise?


What do YOU stand to gain from the exercise? What are the risks? You need to ask yourself those two questions before adding an exercise to your program. 


Take Box jumps for example. I use it with less than 5% of the people I train. The majority of our members are general population looking to get in shape. In my opinion and experience, The risk-reward does not make it a great exercise for them. Especially the way I see it programmed by a lot of places with high reps in a state of fatigue. But for that 5% I use it with, it’s a great fit! 


It’s always easier to have a qualified personal trainer write the program and make sure you are doing the exercises with good technique. 


Does the exercise fit the setting?


A lot of exercises are great for one on one training, but horrible in a group setting. There is also a big difference in what can be done in our semi-private (2-5 people per group) groups vs. our regular group fitness sessions. 


Safety comes first! 


Some exercises look cool on youtube and IG, but you are almost guaranteed to get hurt doing them. If you can not perform the exercise correctly, it’s never safe.


A great exercise programmed the wrong way is not safe. For example, some exercises are great with low reps and horrible with high reps, or vice versa. 


Previous injuries and exercise history 


Do not try to fight through pain to execute an exercise. There are a million different options to work the muscles safely. 


If you are new to exercise or returning after a layoff, take it slow. Do not  try the hardest variation of an exercise thinking you will get faster results. 


Take advantage of the no charge consultation 

Hire a personal trainer to take you through an assessment. We have 1-3 session packages where we assess your needs and design a program for you. Take advantage of the FREE consultation to learn more!


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☑️ RPT is Moving!

 We are making progress at our new location! We still have a lot to do, but hope we can make the move to 1303 Jamestown Road (Colony Square Shopping Center) late June. I added pics to our FB and IG pages so go follow us! Hope to give you an exact date soon!



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