Why You Gained 5 Pounds Over the Weekend

“Wow, I gained 5 pounds over the weekend?!”

I often work with people who get stressed out because they obsess over the scale. Daily weight fluctuation is normal.

Check out some of these important tips to keep in mind if you’ve gained some passive weight:



  • Most of The Weight is Water
    The good news is that most fo the weight you gained is not fat (that’s just not possible), and it is more likely that the weight you gained is water weight.


  • Bad News
    The bad news- If you lost that much weight over a day or 2, it’s not fat.


  • Avoid High Salt Intakes
    Eating foods high in simple carbohydrates and salt will cause you to retain more water – which could lead to greater weight gain.


  • Drink Plenty of Water
    How much you drink and what you drink will play a huge role in daily weight fluctuations. Try to keep your hydration to water or hydration from fruit/vegetable consumption.


  • Don’t Stress about Digestion
    The process of digestion involves many steps that will cause weight fluctuations.


  • Training Can Cause Weight Fluctuations
    Workouts can make your weight go up or down! Sweating will make you lose water weight. Delayed onset muscle soreness can cause your weight to temporarily increase.
The most simple step you can take to a healthier weight is to stop obsessing over the scale. 
Everyone is different and therefore your weight and body composition will be different than your partners.
If you are the person who freaks out after gaining half a pound, assess in a different way. Pay attention to how your clothes fit, pics, or get accurate testing of body fat %. BMI is not accurate for most people.
When you weigh yourself make sure you are consistent. Make sure you are weighing yourself first thing in the morning – after using the washroom. 
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