I plan on dishing out some great content over the next few months about training, nutrition, lifestyle, and life (or the mistakes I have learned from thus far) – but I want to point out the obvious first. You already know what it takes to be a success because you have done it in some area of your life. It might not be fitness/health, but you have done something right! (I know because you are reading this :). I am not going into some Stuart Smalley motivational speech, but below are a few things I notice happen BEFORE Results happen:

Make a Decision to Start: This might be the hardest step for most. They fear failure amongst other things, but don’t realize, the only way they can fail is if they sit around and do nothing. The person who lost 100lbs was  in your shoes. The person who started their ideal business or whatever, got started. MAKE THAT DECISION NOW, before you talk yourself out of it – again.  If you don’t do it now you will be that person that tells me:

  • after these stressful college courses
  • after the kids go back  to school
  • after the kids graduate from college
  • after I retire from this stressful  job
  • after the new year because the holidays are just too busy

Or any of the 5000 excuses that are getting you closer to Nowhere.

Decide to Make a Commitment: This actually comes first. Don’t be a “think about it” person. Times will get tough so just keep going! Learn to love the process and don’t skip around unless its in our warm-up. When I say skip around, I am referring to the people that do something for 12 weeks and then move on. It takes time to just “figure it out” so accept that.

Work Your Glutes off OVER TIME: You will never accomplish anything in life without hard work and patience. The fitness industry has people believe in overnight success. The people that do this put the weight back on, because they have not developed habits. Same with other areas in life. Most go to college for 4 years just to get out, and still know nothing.

Sacrifice Something: It might be time or money, but don’t expect to get something for nothing. Invest in a mentor for any goal to make this process much shorter for you. You need someone to hold you accountable.

Stop with the Giving Up!: Breaking news! Life is tough and not always easy. Here is what will happen after you sign up with me –  You will feel awesome and your life will be better.


 OK, the truth… You might get sick at some point. You might go on vacation, have to miss some sessions, and it will throw off your momentum. Your kids might get sick. You might have a hard time making a few early morning sessions. The kids might have 90 million activities in the PM. Life might flat out beat you worse than my 49ers on a Sunday. So go back to the top, and make a decision to commit!

Last but not least If you get nothing out of this article…

“You are good enough. You are smart enough. And doggone it, people like you!” – Stuart Smalley

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