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49 people in a group is NOT……. + Special Offers

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49 people in a group is NOT……. + Special Offers

 49 people in a group is NOT…….

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49 people in a group is NOT…….

Let me be clear in saying there is nothing wrong with group classes. I just can’t stand when people call that big of a group personal training.

Group classes can be a great option for some people. They are usually not a great fit for those trying to ease back into a healthy lifestyle.

The chance of injury is very high – We get a lot of members coming over from these places who were injured. Lots of people and not enough attention to proper technique.

They usually start off way too fast. Most of these places are not taking the time to do a one on one consultation. Personal training should always start with a consultation to discuss goals, previous exercise history, and injury history. There is a good chance you are going to get injured if your trainer has you doing intense advanced exercises on day one.

No real progression plan in place! – You need to have a plan to gradually take you through the steps. To help you build a foundation for life.

We offer 3 services – 1 on 1, semi private groups of 2-5 people, and then our group personal training with around 6-12 people per group.

I will NEVER  throw someone in a group they are not ready for. We start off with a consultation to understand their needs, injuries, and exercise history. We have lots of people who use 1 on 1 or semi private to transition into our groups.

Any fitness level – We have A LOT of modifications.  We have low impact variations for every exercise. We have lots of modifications for those who need to reduce the getting up and down off the floor. We have variations to make exercises easier or harder.

We have so many group personal training options to fit within your schedule and  budget – month to month, unlimited options, 2 days a week, punch passes, pay per session for our groups, and our 21 day jump start program that is not attached to a contract.

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Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

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