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Thanksgiving Countdown + Special Offers

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Thanksgiving Countdown + Special Offers

Thanksgiving Countdown + Special Offers

☑️ Thanksgiving Countdown!

☑️ Special Offers!

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☑️Thanksgiving Countdown!

We’re just a day away from Thanksgiving, and I wanted to make sure you’re in a good place with your health and fitness as we head into the holiday season.

This time of year is notorious for leading many people off course. If you plan to indulge, there’s a way to do it in a way that won’t sabotage your health.

It’s perfectly fine to stray from the usual path occasionally. But having some guardrails in place is essential to keeping things from going off track. Let’s dive into why so many individuals find it challenging to stay on track during the holidays. In my opinion, it boils down to mindset.

Perhaps you’ve heard someone say “I love the holidays. But I seem to put on 5-10 pounds every year. I just can’t resist all the temptations.”

If you’re thinking or saying something similar, you’re engaging in a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. You’re essentially deciding that it will happen.

Remember: Beliefs are decisions, and they generate feelings, which lead to actions that yield a specific result.

And here’s the key – actions and results are always aligned with your beliefs, without exception.

So, how can you break free from this cycle this year? The first step is recognizing your thought patterns. Step two is making a new decision.

“I’ve decided to fit in an extra workout every week between now and New Year’s to help maintain my weight while still enjoying some treats.”

“I’ve decided that from now until Christmas, I’ll include a serving of colorful veggies with every meal to stay fuller longer and resist overindulging.”

“I’ve decided that this year, I won’t gain 5-10 pounds during the holidays, so I won’t need a drastic diet or extreme workout regimen in January.”

Once you make a new decision, your feelings shift from anxiety and dread to optimism. And your actions – as well as your outcomes – align with that decision.

What will you decide this holiday season?

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