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You MUST Modify Exercises For Your Body Type!!

You MUST Modify Exercises For Your Body Type!!

You are not going to get the most out of an exercise routine if you don’t know how, or refuse to modify exercises. Exercises should be modified based on your body type, goals, and injuries. Below are a few tips to help you modify and find the right exercises for your body type.

Injuries – Yes, you CAN still get in a great workout with injuries.

Consider getting Guidance from a personal trainer. Have them design a fitness plan specific to your needs. We spend more time on mobility, flexibility, and soft tissue work to prevent injuries. We help you avoid injuries by finding the best strength training exercises for your body while making sure your technique is good. We are not like those large group classes throwing a million people in a room for a beat down session. A lot of these places are causing injuries.

Must Get Informed About Benefits of Flexibility Training

Do not be stubborn when we tell you to modify!

Every once in a while we get these people 🙂 They feel like doing the same exercise as the person next to them, who has been coming for years, will speed up results. No, it will slow it down! Getting injured because you want to try out a variation that looks cool is not a great idea. Doing the exercises that look harder, if you are not ready for it, will slow down progress.

Low impact Exercises/Reduce getting up and down off floor

We have all fitness levels at RPT. A lot of gyms say they serve everyone, but then proceed to have everyone do box jumps and extreme exercises on day one. We can still get your heart rate up with low impact exercises. We have plenty of exercises for those who have a hard time with getting up and down off the floor over and over again.

Getting back into the swing of things with exercise?

I get so angry when I see someone new to exercise following the plan of a celebrity influencer. This never works! You need to build a foundation around the basics! They usually don’t show you the boring stuff. All the hard work they had to put in before they could get to the harder workouts or fancier exercises that get the attention.

More Modify Exercises?

We also have advanced modifications and variations! Just because we are clearly the best for those who are newer to exercise, we have lots of advanced variations for those who need it! This might come in the form of heavier weights, slower tempos, increased range of motion, set/rep schemes, equipment or more.

Need assistance finding the best exercises for your goals, body type, fitness level, and injuries?

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