Is spot reduction a real thing? Can you “burn” stomach fat from doing a million crunches per day?   No!!! I am not going to spend too much time on the science stuff.  I will include this great article below =>

So why do you constantly see workout programs  for burning off belly fat? Or toned arms? They get your attention and they sell!

Can you have “toned” arms, “lift your booty”, or reduce stomach fat? Of Course! It will not happen over night! Focus on losing fat and getting stronger! Have patience! A few tips below along with the downside of “specializing” too early.

A program that spends too much time on one body part will not burn as many calories as a total body workout. Total body movements burn more calories. Focus on maintaining or building muscle and you will also burn more calories the other 23 hours of the day, after the workout! Throw in some isolation movements. Do not focus on them!

Do not  believe the places who make it seem like you burned 3 million calories after you worked out. They say that to sell, but the real science shows something different. Every calculator you see on a machine or online is not even close to being accurate. Do not become the person who will justify eating chocolate because you worked out extra hard today!!

We focus on strength training with  supersets, circuits, and intervals to get the cardiovascular benefit at the same time. Get the most bang for your buck. Save time.  We can also avoid the injuries that come from repetitive pounding on the joints.

The strength training will lead to the “toned” look way more than going for a run! I will not go into the “toning” myth today, because that is a 49 million part article. Do not believe the people who tell you that doing 15 reps or some magic number = toning. One more thing…..Please, Please, Please stop obsessing over the scale!! If you want us to take an assessment then hit reply and we can schedule this. BMI measurements are also a COMPLETE JOKE!

Forget the body part “bodybuilding” splits! This method does not apply to 99.8% of the population. The majority of the information you read about diet and exercise does not apply to those looking to get in shape. Does not apply to those  Getting back into the swing of things. Does not apply to those  who don’t plan to spend 20 hours a week working out! You don’t need much to get in great shape. Most of you just need to DO SOMETHING!

If you want to lose stomach fat or “tone” you better focus on what you are eating ! If nutrition is not on point you will never get results. There is a reason DIE is the first part of diet. It is because none of them work, LONG TERM! This is the main reason I have my nutrition coaching certification through Precision Nutrition. I firmly believe in their method of coaching the individual. You can check out more about that here => If you are the person who hops around between diets every 3 months then it is the perfect fit for you! Build habits that last a lifetime!

Are you confused? Have too much information floating around your head? Don’t know where to start? Hit reply and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!  Check out our special offer for group personal training or fitness boot camp =>

Detric Smith, CSCS, ACSM EP-C, Precision Nutrition Certified
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