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☑️ Too old to start?

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☑️ Too old to start?


“Aches, pains and health issues are just a part of getting older.”


“I’m too old to start exercising now.”

We hear people say these statements all the time. They are False! Even if you have never exercised before, you can improve your physical health. You just have to be smart and have a great plan!

According to recent studies exercise is linked to a  lower risk of death, even if you start later in life. (Saint-Maurice, Coughlan and Kelly, 2019). Exercise will improve your health at any age. The key is finding activities you enjoy and will stick with over the long term. A few things to consider….

Yes, your body has changed. Your joints might ache a little more than twenty years ago. But they will ache a lot more ten years from now if you do nothing. Find a program that is easy on the joints and focuses on improving strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and of course cardiovascular health.

Your goals might be different. They should be different. I am not here to tell you what your goals should be, but life is about more than six pack abs. It’s about being able to spend quality time with your family. Being independent vs needing others to take care of you. Being able to book that vacation without stressing over if you can carry your luggage, or walk a few miles.  

Asking for help is a difference maker! – Having a personal trainer might be the difference between having an effective program or getting injured trying to do it yourself. Might be the difference between getting results and not getting results. A personal trainer will provide motivation, accountability, and lead to faster results.


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Saint-Maurice, P.F., Coughlan, D., Kelly, S.P., (2019). Activity Across the Adult Life Course With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality. Jama Network Open, 2, 3, e190355.



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Tell us your goals or set up a no charge consultation! Our Groups are for any fitness level. We even have semi- private and personal training services with themes, if you feel more comfortable working with people chasing a very specific goal.


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